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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Care Package for Kids with Cancer


Chemotherapy affects every aspect of a patient’s body. Some of the chemotherapy patient’s that I talked with complained of tired or aching muscles. Several have commented that massages are just wonderful for them. So In your package you might include a free body massage at a body massage parlor. Some of the massage parlors are located within the cancer building.

Massage chairs, Wikipedia.org, March 20, 2007,
Jen Wakefield-Dillier from USA
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Even though a cancer patient may have insurance, their insurance may not cover everything. So cash is a blessing for a cancer patient. Although both parents may be working, the chemotherapy treatments can range from several months to almost a year. That can become and is quite costly.

Cleaning Service:

In the article Cleaning for a Reason there is mention that this organization will clean cancer patient’s homes professionally. They offer this service free. I think this is a great idea. Also, you can offer you own services to help clean house. During chemotherapy treatments some patients may not feel well at times. Cleaning house can become a chore for the parents of a kid with Cancer, because the treatments kill the good cells as well as the bad cells in cancer patients. That is why they are often told during treatment to get plenty of rest as the immune system is quite affected. The child that has cancer affects the entire family.

Natural Soaps:

Give the kid with Cancer natural soaps. These natural ingredients will be great for them. Also, the natural soaps smell so good. I just love the aroma. As I sat with a cancer patient during his treatment, another woman sitting with her loved one shared that she sold natural soaps. She had sold to many cancer patients that seem to love it. I thought, “What a great idea.”

Pay a bill:

Since cancer patient’s bill can become quite large. Offer to pay one of their household bills such as mortgage or even gas and light bills. You can never imagine how much burden this will take off the parent’s of a child that has cancer.

Fruit Basket:

A fruit basket can help a cancer patient keep up part of their fruit and vegetable regiment.

Knit a hat or blanket:

I have seen some of the most beautiful blankets at the Cancer Institute. In fact, while sitting with a cancer patient during their treatment, I have used some of the blankets. I find it quite chilly in the rooms. So if you knit, crochet, or want to learn this would be a great project. It would be equally great to give in your care package. Because some chemotherapy patient’s lose their hair, crocheted hats are ideal for them. Some like to wear the hats or scarfs on their heads.


A family that has several children could be greatly helped by offering to babysit the other children. It can be quite difficult taking care of the child that has cancer and the other children too.

Books, Coloring books, stickers,etc

Find out what the kids with cancer likes. Possibly give colorful books, stickers, or puzzles


Personal Experience

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