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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hearing Loss in Children

Children With Hearing Loss

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Did it ever occur to you that your child is not ignoring you, but that your child might have an actual hearing problem? Hearing problems can be attributed to a variety of things such as ear infections or triggers such as measles, meningitis, head injuries, loud noises, or certain medications. I can see how low noise would attribute to hearing loss. One day when I went up to school, I observed a mother dropping off her little one. As she opened the car door, the music was blasting, and the lyrics were something that that child should not be hearing.

Asha.org public hearing talks about Otitis Media (middle ear inflammation behind the ear drum) This Otitis Media can be accompanied with or without pain, but with fever and decreased hearing. There could be mild to moderate hearing loss. A few ways to determine if your child might have Otitis Media are inattentiveness, wanting television louder, or misunderstanding directions.

Second Opinion Hearing loss talks about not understanding a conversation could be part of a hearing problem or possibly having problems distinguishing between the letters such as t or p, or the letters f and s. If you suspect your child has a hearing problem be sure to take them to the doctor, health department, or find a hearing specialist.

I recall a cousin who had hearing loss. She eventually needed a hearing aide. I recall before she got the hearing aide, it seemed as though we had to yell for her to hear us. I remember my aunt said that as a child my cousin somehow got a bean in her ear that had somehow obstructed and damaged some of the ear causing loss of hearing. I cannot imagine something like that happening, but it did.

Timesfreepress.com mentioned programs available for helping impaired children. The Tennessee Hands & Voices programs help provide resources and networks for parents and children.

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