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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Do You Know the Benefits of a Juicer?

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Although juicing is not any healthier than eating whole fruit, most of your vitamins, minerals, and chemicals (phytonutrients) will be found in the extracted liquid. This is good to know. For those that don’t like to eat fruit or vegetables, a juicer may be something that you like. Although I love eating fruits and vegetables, I am considering a juicer as an alternative source.

Because your digestive system does not absorb all the nutrients, a juicer will help with digesting most of the nutrients that are juiced. If you are new to juicing, be sure to buy vegetables that are organically grown and no pesticides. For newbies you may want to start with celery, fennel, and cucumbers. You eventually will want to add other vegetables. You will probably want to drink it right away or at least within 24 hours.
Although I love my blender and have experimented with different fruits and vegetables, I have yet to try a juicer.

There are however, some negative effects of juicing that you may want to consider. When you juice the fiber of the fruits and vegetables get discarded. Fresh squeezed fruit can be high in calories, especially bananas and pineapples.

Since I have not been watching Calories, I usually make a smoothie with my blender and I use pineapples and bananas, and coconut. I call it Tropi-Colada. It is ever so good. So I believe I would not have a problem with those ingredients when juicing.

Cost of a juicer

Juicers can range from $99.00 and up, but I have seen them as low as $49.88 at Wal-Mart. It really depends on the kind of juicer that you are looking for. Some juicers are best fitted for vegetables rather than fruits. Some will perform more functions than others such as mincing or pasta shaping.


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