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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Writing tips For Second Graders

Solve a Problem

As long as we live there are going to be problems in the world. Help your second graders become problem solvers, by having them write about a problem and then write about the solution for the problem. Allow them to think of the problem that they would like to write about. They will use their creative thinking as well.

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The Heart Map

Your second graders will love to write about a Heart Map. Have them draw a picture of a large Heart as shown below: There will be sections of the heart where they list things that are important to them or even things that they like. This is a fun activity that also encourages their creativeness and encourages them to write.

Heart Map,by Georgia Heard at http://.blogspot.com/p/writing-in-cafe-1123.html

Writing from a Word

Georgia also talks about writing from a word. I think this is an excellent idea. Take a word and then write everything you know about the word. You will be surprised at what your second graders will come up with. Speaking of words, I recall observing a 6-year-old saying he was jealous because someone else was winning as they played cards. When he made the statement everyone else said that he did not even know what jealous meant. I did not even think he knew. But he explained it perfectly. So we should never underestimate a child.

Spring Day

Have your second graders write about the perfect Spring Day. Although spring is here and in some areas it may not feel like it because of rain and snow, you can still have them write about what they would like a Spring Day to be like. Maybe have them write about what they enjoy about Spring.

Birthday Party

Have your second graders write about their birthday party or a birthday party they attended. Have them list all the activities and what they did. It will be a great activity for them to recall things that occurred.

Make Up a Story

Have your second graders make up a fictional story about whatever they want. The story can be as wild as their imagination is. It gets them to thinking and gets their fingers to moving.

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