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Sunday, April 14, 2013

How Do You Teach Love to Your Kids?

There is a way to teach love. Have you ever heard someone make the statement, “I never f felt loved?” Or maybe someone said, “I really felt the love for the first time.” There is a reason for that.

teaching love

Show your children daily love by giving hugs, kisses, and also showing love to your spouse. Allow them to see you kissing or hugging your spouse, even though some teenagers might tease you and say, "ugh, get a room.” Especially hug and kiss your children before school. Start them out with a good day. There is so much that they will encounter at school. You want to fill them up with love. Remember this is a continual thing not a one-time takes care of all.


When you praise a child and give them positive remarks this builds their spirit. It shows that you support and that you love them. You cannot give too much praise. There is something about praising. Proverb 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” Do you know that people have murdered people with their words? There words have been so hateful and demeaning that they just killed the spirits of others and the spirit is the very essence of a person.

How many times have you heard a teenager say, “But I love her.” “I love the way she makes me feel.” Is it love or lust? There is a difference. It may not seem that way to your teenager at the time. With lust you are totally focused on the other person’s looks or body. It is not uncommon to hear teenagers say, “He is so fine.” With lust you are interested in having sex, but not in conversation. Also, you are lovers but not friends. Now on the other hand with love you are willing to spend quality time to get to know that person. You honestly listen to the others feelings and you want to meet the other’s family and friends. This is important because family and friends will tell you things about the other person that you may not see. Also you want to see how the other person interacts with your friends and family. Is the other person controlling? That is a red flag right there.

I have mentioned more than once that your child is watching you. Be an example of love to your children. Prayerfully they will learn what love is and stop looking for love in all the wrong places.

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