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Friday, April 19, 2013

School Security

Since the violence that has been occurring in schools with the killing of young children there has been a question of whether to have armed security in the school for protection.

Metal Detectors

Are Medal detectors in the school the answer to stopping the shootings in the school? There is the question of how a shooter was not detected by the metal detectors at this Georgia Middle School. An armed off-duty Resource Officer that was at the school was able to disarm the gun from the student after the 14-year-old boy had been shot.

Metal detectors at Atlanta Public School are tested once a year and if there is a failure of any kind during the year the principal or law enforcement are to report it. Is once a year enough to test the metal detectors? Possibly they should be tested more often, because when the shooting occurred at Price Middle School, it was reported the metal detector was not working that day.

Could there possibly be medal detectors and armed security at the school? Would it be too much to ask for both in order to keep our children safe? I can imagine the students not feeling secure because of all the shootings. I can also imagine the students wondering if that will occur at their school. For those whose school the shootings did occur, I could imagine the parents and the students wondering, how they can be safe without this occurring again.

Some of the security measures that are added to Middleton Elementary School are a camera-equipped door bell, once you get in you can only get as far as the entry way. At that point your id is presented and an instant background check is done on you. Once through the second set of lock doors your actions are monitored by monitors and administrators on their smart phones. I really like that idea. There has been an investment of more than $175,000 over the past 2 years for the 3 schools in that district. Can there be a price on keeping our children safe? I say no there is not. They are not finished in their effort to increase their security. They plan to install bullet resistant glass. Since the violence that has been occurring in schools with the killing of young children, there has been the question of whether to have metal detectors or armed security in the school. There are no guarantees. Every measure you take can help increase security at school. I also, believe it will help the students, teachers, and parents, feel more secure considering the amount of violence that has occurred over the years. What do you think?





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