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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Do Your Children Have Head Lice?

If your children have never had head lice, you are blessed. There may come a time in your life when you receive a letter from the school saying that your child has been exposed to someone that was infected with head lice. What do you do?

What are lice?

According to Wikipedia.org Lice are wingless insects that when they get on the human scalp they feed off of the human blood. The female may lay 3-4 eggs or sometimes called (nits) per day. These blood sucking lice can feed on the scalp by biting the skin about 4-5 times per day.

Below is a picture of a Phthiraptera, (louse) or commonly called lice. Female lice

hair lice

Prevention of head lice

There are a few things that you can do to prevent head lice. Make sure that your child only wears their own cap or hat. Do not let anyone else share their hat. I recall being at a children’s event where they could put on different outfits and hats to do a pretend performance. I would not allow my children to put the hats on their heads, because I explained too many people were sharing the hats and the possibilities of catching lice or other head disease. Everyone thought the outfits were so cute; even so I do not like the hat sharing.

Removing Lice

According to Hubpages you can save yourself a lot of money by my combing through the hair every day with a good metal lice comb or a fine tooth comb daily for two weeks. This will break the life cycle of the lice and the eggs that they lay.

According to Dale Longworth, a professional Lice Technician, it is important after washing the hair with the Lice Treatment Shampoo, to apply Pantene Conditioner which is thick and very helpful to remove Lice Eggs. She further emphasizes combing the hair especially around the ear area and the neck area.

Find Home Remedy suggests using mayonnaise, Vaseline, Olive Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, or Onion Juice for getting rid of lice. Using the olive Oil or Mayonnaise over the hair and scalp and then covering it with a plastic cap smothers the lice. Leave that on for a couple of hours, then throw away the cap and wash the hair.

Lice Infestation

Above all do not do like this mother that confessed she sent her child to school knowing that the child had head lice. The mother needed to go to work and did not want to miss her hair appointment. The problem with that is that, because it is contagious, she put other children and families at risk. Do you think this was very selfish of that mother to do something like that? There are alternatives for treating lice, but it is very important to take advantage of the alternatives and forget about you sometimes.


What are lice?



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