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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Don’t Knock It, Til You Try It

I remember before I went on my first fishing trip. My aunt and uncle would go all the time. I expressed to them that I would like to go. I noticed though they would go early in the morning about 5 am. They would not wake me to go even though I had asked them to wake me up. Finally the day came that I went fishing. I was about 4-years-old. I loved it the first time I went. Eventually, however, it was expressed to me that I must be able to bait my own hook if I were to continue fishing. I did so. I wasn’t scared of any worms.

Fishing is something that both of you and your child can share. Make it a family event.

Hopefully the fish will be biting. If not, your child might find fishing to be boring. There are days when the fish are just not biting.

When fishing you get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You smell the fresh country air.

I did not and still do not care for the mosquitoes and the bugs or the bees, but that comes with the territory of fishing. You will usually see me swinging my arms and jumping around to get away from the bugs, but I am still there fishing.

You can either start your child fishing with a pole or a fishing reel. I started with a pole. That is so much easier. Just drop the line in the water and when you catch a fish pull it out. With the reel your child will need to learn to swing, release, and how to reel it in. Most children are so smart that they learn quickly so that should not be a problem.

Children can become so thrilled when they catch their first fish. I remember when my granddaughter caught her first fish. I explained that she needed to watch her bobber and when it went under to reel her fish in. I had turned my head just for a moment and turned around her bobber was not visible. I asked her where her bobber was. It was under water and the fish was running furiously with the hook. We both pulled in her fish. It was a nice size bass. Quite large I might say. She was overjoyed and ran up the hill to tell her other nanna.

So if you haven’t’ done so already, take time and take your child fishing.

You don’t always have to use worms, you can use fake lures that work just as well. Jig fishing saves you from having to buy bait. You will not get your hands as dirty either.

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