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Monday, October 3, 2011

How To Help Your Child Succeed

Child Squatting


Everyone can use some encouragement from time to time. Your child definitely needs it. Your home should be your child’s safe haven. When your child is doubtful, it is up to you to let him/her know that everything will be okay. No, it might not be perfect, but that you will get thorough any issues or problems as a family. Your child needs to know that you are there for him/her.


When a child is having problems with their homework, they may need your help. If you need to make arrangements with the teacher to see exactly what is going on with the assignments. If you are not able to help your child directly, get a tutor. There are many free tutors that can work with your child on a one on one basis to find out exactly why they are not understanding the homework. You would be surprised at what a difference a good tutor will make with your child.


Involvement with your child and your school is one of the main key components to help your child exceed. Your presence and showing that you care. You may not know all the ways to help your child with homework, but keep in contact with the teacher. Most teachers are more than willing to insure that you know what your child is working on in school.


When children know that their parents are involved in their school affairs, they are less likely to act out. Your presence can mean so much to a child. So often there are events or programs that a child may have, only to look out in the audience and have no support from family or relatives. Having that support can booster your child’s ego and encourage him/her to do better.

Yes You Can

There are a times a child might get discouraged and make statements such as, “I can’t get that.” or I don’t know how to do that?” Those are negative statements about him/herself. Always encourage your child to do his/her best. Encourage your child that they can do it. When Barac Obama’s slogan of “yes You Can” was heard around the world, seemingly many adopted that and started believing. Because if you think and believe that you can, more than likely you will.

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  1. Hello Very Very Blessed, I raised five children and everything you have written here in this article is so important. These days both parents are working and don't even notice what the children need or wants, it's sad that is why this article is so very great, thumbs up my and I will come visit your awesome blog more often. Darski

  2. That is so true Darlene. Congratulations on raising 5 children. That is a blessing.