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Monday, October 10, 2011

6 Important Habits To Teach Your Son

Teenage Boys


It is important to teach your son to love God. When he learns the love of God, he will be able to show this love to others. This is a main habit that you want to follow your son throughout generations. Remember the sins of the father can travel down through 4 generations. Teaching your son the reverence and love of God is something you want to travel down through the generations. This is a great habit “love.” Loving God, studying his word, and doing so that it becomes natural for him. Help to make your son a Godly man. No, your son may not be perfect, but he will be perfect for some young lady, as he looks for his future wife. Proverbs. 18:22, He that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing.

2. How To Treat A Woman

Yes, how to treat a woman does not come with a manual. Your son will observe how you allow your husband to treat you. He will also observe how your husband actually treats you. It is important that both father and mother talk to their son as well about how to treat a woman. You can teach by example, so he needs to see positive things. He needs to know it is not acceptable to hit or shove a woman. It is important not to verbally abuse her. Also know that your son may one day marry and have children of his own. Besides knowing how to treat his wife, you want him to be a good example for his sons and daughters. So you want this good habit to follow him through several generations.

3. Housework & A Job

It is important that your son knows there are no traditional roles such as only the girls do dishes, only the girls cook. He needs to learn household chores, because when he marries, his wife may not be able to do it all by herself. She may need help. If he does not marry, hopefully, he will not live with mother and dad until he is 30 or 40 years old. Hopefully, at some point in time, he will get a good education, good job, and find a place of his own. How many times have you seen a 42 year old man still living with his mother? Yes, there may be exceptions if a young man is caring for an elderly mother, but too many times I have seen that the mother is taking care of the adult young man. Definitely let your son know that if he does not work, he does not eat.


If he learns integrity, you know that no matter where he goes in life, that he will do well. He will come against all types of obstacles but his integrity will help him through it. That integrity is what he does when he thinks no one is watching. That integrity is when he knows to do right and does it.


Teach your son to pray. Prayer is a very good habit to develop. There are bad habits and good ones. This is a very good habit. Your son will possibly become a husband and a father himself one day. If he knows how to pray effectively, he will go quite far in life.


Respect is a habit that needs to start early in life. Besides showing it and expecting it, it needs to be talked about as well. When that young man is disrespectful, it needs to be addressed at that time. It needs to be made known that that is not acceptable. If he feels that no one can tell him anything and that he is his own boss, then he needs to have his own home away from you. He needs to learn early to say thank you and please. I was amazed when I saw a 3-year-old boy opening a door for his grandmother. I was very much impressed. I also, saw a 5-year-old tell his grandmother, “Wait, let me get the car door for you.” And get the car door he did. If he remembers this throughout life, he will definitely make an impression with his future wife.

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