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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How To Appreciate Your Toddler

Baby laughing


When was the last time that you had fun together? When was the last time that you laughed together? Toddlers are quite resilient and if you notice will laugh at almost anything. Have you ever heard a child say? “You are so much fun to be with.” When what you are doing is fun, it is a great feeling. It stimulates those “feel good” endorphins in your body. Have you actually told your toddler, “I had so much fun with you today.” “You are so much fun to be with.” I had a toddler tell me once, “You are not only fun to be with, I even like you.” I felt so blessed at that moment. I was liked and I was fun to be with. That was just great. Everyone appreciates words of appreciation.


It is a good feeling to feel valued. It is a good feeling to feel that you matter and that you count for something. Words with actions can be a power pack motivator. When you tell your toddler, “You did a very good job, put a smile on your face..” Do you tell your toddler daily, “God loves you and I love you.?”


Someone once said that the word “perfect” carries a lot of weight. Do you tell your toddler? “That was perfect.” “You did that just perfectly.” “I could not have done it better myself.” Toddlers appreciate words of appreciation.


I have said this several times before. One of the greatest gifts to give your toddler is the gift of time. Time waits for no one. So once it is gone, it is gone. Mothers and fathers are working, so there may or may not be a lot of time to give to a toddler. The amazing thing about that is that it is not so much the amount of time, but the “ QUALITY” of time. It may just be a couple of hours a day, because you are probably at the work place 8 hours or more. So always remember the quality of time. Every toddler is different. With some, it does not matter how much time that you give, it might not ever be enough. So it is important to do your best and explain to your toddler. Most toddlers will learn and understand what your family situation is. Remember toddlers are smarter than you think.


Someone once said, “It is nice to be Important, but more important to be nice.” Is that a true statement or what? How many times have we seen those that flaunt their status around? A toddler knows very little about your status and importance, if you are not spending time with them. They only know you have no time or tolerance for them. Is that the message that you want to convey? I surely hope not.


Do you make your toddler feel that they are making a contribution to the family? Do you value your toddler’s opinion and ideas? Yes toddlers are children not adults, but they have opinions and ideas They are learning to voice their ideas. Regardless to how small and idea may seem to you, it may be very big for a toddler.

What have you done today to make your toddler feel appreciated? What have you done today to make anyone other than yourself feel appreciated? Think about it. Since we are on the subjected of appreciation, if you are reading this, know that I appreciate you for taking the time to read this. I know your time is very valuable.

Thank you.

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