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Monday, April 25, 2011

Can Choosing The Right Hair Products For Children Make a Difference?

Charlotte Howard

Have you ever looked in those hair magazines where the child's hair is shiny, straight, and very healthy looking? Ever thought my child's hair can do that? Well, with a quick understanding about your child's hair texture and knowledge of the type of products available, this will help you manage your child's hair care better!

The type of products you use on your child's hair will be determined by the texture and thickness of the hair shaft. It doesn't matter if your child's hair is curly, wavy, or straight. What your child intakes into their body will play an important role in their hair care. Having your child to take vitamins and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables will help them reach their desired level of healthy hair care very quickly.

You should always make sure that your child has regularly scheduled visits with a hairstylist. Getting hair care advice from a hairstylist is important to help your child reach their hair care goals. You will want to get advice on getting your child's split ends trim regularly.

Children's hair that is naturally thin works better with products and shampoo that contains panthenol. Panthenol helps to volumize the hair shaft and will make your child's hair appear thicker and fuller. If you use panthenol on a child who has curly hair it will cause the hair to be too thick. It will also cause your child's hair to lose its curl and makes it drier.

Always keep finishing products away from your child's scalp. If you add more product near your child's scalp, it will cause the hair to appear oilier than usual.

After shampooing your child's hair, the conditioner should be rinsed with water that is as cold as your child can handle. While blow drying your child's hair point the nozzle down near the hair shaft and finish drying your child's hair with the coolest setting. This will help to close the cuticles on the hair shaft and provide more shine. It would be a great idea for you to use a round brush when blow drying your child's hair. But it is safer to let your child's hair air dry. Do not brush your child's hair while it is wet.

As you can see having all products are not created equal when it comes to your child's hair texture. We hope you found this article helpful and welcome your feedback.

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