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Monday, February 14, 2011

How To Have Balance In your Child’s Life

A Girl Toddler

Extra-curricular activities are fine, but it is important not to overdue it. How much is too much? Also, when you have more than one child, if you have all of your children in different activities, then you might need some help with them. All of those activities can become a chore and be tiresome for both you and your children.

The fast pace in society is getting faster and faster. With the evolving of the DSI, play stations, computers, ipads, ipods, and much more, children can just wear themselves down. It is important to monitor how much they are playing with the games. How much is too much? There needs to be limits and enough time allowed for your child to just stop and rest.

Computer games are great, but children also need to go outside and just play, ride their bikes, play ball, get in the swimming pool, run, jump, and to just be children.

It is great that your child can see you exercise. It is even greater when you can exercise together. Get healthy and stay healthy together.

Have you ever had a lounge day at your house? Maybe you had a day where everyone just got up and just wore their pajama’s around all day? One mother told me she did that with her 2 daughters. She said one was fine with it, but the other one did not know how to act. The other child said, “I feel funny wearing my pajama’s all day and not getting dressed.” Sometimes children feel they always have to be doing something. Sometimes we feel we always have to be dong something, but do we really? When you have your day off from work, do you ever just stop and say,
“ Today, I am not going to do anything?”

Stress management is so important. Children can get stressed out. You may think, "What do they have to be stressed about?" Children are having to deal with a multitude of things in life and in school. Since the age of the internet children are at risk of exposure to bullying, sexual predators, pornography, and much more on the computers. They are very impressionable. They want to be liked by their peers. They want to fit in. Sometimes they are working so hard to be accepted by their friends that they become stressed. They need to know that their homes is a safe haven. They need to know they can come home and be happy at home, be able to laugh with their family, to be able to trust that their parents will keep them safe, and most of all be able to relax with their family.

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