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Sunday, February 6, 2011

How To Tips For Keeping Your Toddler Safe

Toddler hiding eyes in fear.

One of your priorities of parenting is your child’s safety. There are various safety products on the market, but there are several simple things that you can do to keep your child safe.

1. Communicate with your toddler. Communication is very important. Explain to your children when you do certain things, that it is for their protection. Explain to your toddlers they should never unlock or open the door for anyone. Make it clear to them that if someone comes or knocks on the door, they are to let you know so that you may answer the door. Explain that there are bad people out there and if the person at the door is bad, you do not want to let that person in the house. Even if they know the person at the door get them in the habit of telling you or the other parent that might be living in the household.

Toddler opening the door.

2. Never under any circumstance leave your toddler alone. Whether it is in the house, in the car, or on the playground. There are too many things that can happen that are beyond your control. Many times I have seen mothers leaving their toddlers in the car while they run into the store. That is a no-no. Is it more trouble to take the toddler in the store with you? It could be even more trouble if something happens to your toddler while you are in the store. For example, a car could accidentally hit your car while your toddler is in there alone; Or someone could come up and attempt to steal your car while your toddler is in it. These are only a few scenario’s of what could happen.

Toddler alone in the car

3. Never allow your toddler to play alone in the yard. It only takes a second for someone to come up and snatch your toddler.

Toddler playing alone in the yard

4. Teach your toddler that no one should be touching them in their private parts. That is a no-no. Let them know if something like that happens to tell you or the other parent that might be living in the house. Take the accusations as serious and protect your toddler. Keep them out of harms way. Let them know that if they come to you, that you will protect them. Also, let them no that they are not to keep secrets. If someone tells them to keep a secret between just the two of them, they should tell you immediately. Keeping secrets only protects the pedophile or molester.

5. Finally, do not trust your toddler with just anyone. There are pedophiles and child molesters just waiting for your toddler. Note: All child molesters are not just men. Remember all family members cannot be trusted with your toddler which is sad to say. If you have a babysitter to come into your home, use a hidden camcorder to protect your toddler. The babysitter looses all rights to privacy when they enter your home as far as your toddler is concerned. If you do not have a camcorder, you might want to invest in one. Also, again communicate with your toddler everyday. If your toddler says something about the babysitter, investigate it. Most toddlers will not lie about something that is serious. If there might be indications that there are problems at school, do not hesitate to sit in in the classroom or even volunteer in the classroom. Talk to the teacher. Keep the line of communication open. All teachers are not always there to help your child, so just beware and trust your gut instincts.

Camcorders come in all shapes and sizes.

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