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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is Your Child Playing The Choking Game?

Choking Noose

1. Game

Some children as young as 12 years old have started what they call a choking game. They use a belt or scarf and strap it around their neck attached to bedroom furniture and jump as if to hang themselves. When they pass out and later become conscious they talk about the euphoric or light-headed feeling that they feel. Unfortunately some of them never come back from consciousness and die. Alcohol and marijuana used to be the trend, but now some have moved on to the choking game. It has been done in groups and/or alone. When done alone, some never revive themselves and die.

2. Danger

According to Dr. G., Medical Examiner of Discovery Health, “They may pass out for several seconds, but anything much more, you could start having seizures.” This is serious and has been fatal for some. A child may not have to be considered a “troubled teenager” to experience this, sometimes a child may experiment looking for a cheap high. Children sometime think that they are invisible and that it is just a game.

Below is a video of a 12-year-old boy that died from the Choking Game.


3. Warning Signs:

According to Dr. Oz the warning signs to look for in your child are as follows.

1. Blood shot eyes
2. Frequent and severe headaches
3. Short term memory loss
4. Scarves or belts tied to bedroom furniture.

Dr. Oz talks about the choking game on his show. See his site below.


4. Communication.

Keep the line of communication open. If you suspect your child is playing this deadly game talk to him/her. If other children are involved talk to the parents and/or the other children. Educate them to the fatal effects of this deadly game.

Has your child played the choking game?

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