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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Should You Put Your Toddler On A Diet?

Unless your toddler has a low calorie diet prescribed by a doctor, or some other special condition, why not just modify or change you and your toddler’s eating habits?

1. Exercise.

You and your toddler can exercise together. Make it a fun time for both of you. You can use aerobic tapes, walk, or even go jogging together. Below is a video by Judy Howard. She demonstrates fitness exercises with children.


2. Eating Habits.

Change your eating habits. Remember your toddler is watching you. Consider possibly eating several small meals throughout the day as oppose to 3 large meals a day. The more often you eat, the more the metabolism burns. This is especially good for those that are worrying about weight gain. Look for healthy recipes that can be made easily or quickly. Develop good eating habits. It takes 21 days to form a habit. So be persistent. According to Dr. Oz, some of the brain foods that can help you are blackberries, apple juice, and bananas. Make these items your best friend.

3. Activities.

Try involving your toddler in activities that require movement such as gymnastics, soccer, swimming, golfing, or skating. Below is a video at LV indoor Soccer School. Toddlers are learning soccer.


4. Late night eating.

Avoid late night eating. It is a habit you don’t want to develop or encourage. You might, however, try a light snack, but nothing heavy.

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