Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How You And Your Toddler Can Be Eco Friendly

I say you and your toddler can go eco friendly, because your toddler is learning about life by watching and interacting with you.

1. Light Bulbs.

I have discovered that low mercury, continuous spiral shape bulbs have given me tremendous savings. They come in different watts. I usually use the 75-100 watts. I used to have to replace blown out light bulbs numerous times a year. Since I started using the low mercury bulbs which was in 2008, I have not had to replace a light bulb yet. Yes, by the time your toddler is an adult there will probably be something better out there, but showing this to your toddler now will teach your toddler to be conscious of saving, aware of environmental issues, and help protect the environment. You want to train your toddler not raise your toddler.

Continuous Spiral Light bulb

2. Energy Efficient Washer & Dryer.

My husband and I have purposely chosen energy efficient washers and dryers for our home. The next time your toddler helps you with the laundry share that information about efficient washers and dryers, even though you might not have one. It is something that you might want to think about for the future.

Father and Daughter doing laundy

3. Furnace Filters.

Allow your toddler to see you change your furnace filter. It is very simple to do. Show your toddler that dirty filter that you take out of the furnace and explain how changing the filter often helps your house retain the heat in the winter. Explain how the filters reduce the dust, mold, and allergy symptoms.

A man replacing his furnace filter

4. Recycling.

Next time you are on the computer explain to your toddler that you are using office paper that has been recycled. Inform your toddler that printer cartridges can be recycled also. Shopping bags can be recycled. These are good when grocery or department store shopping. Show the recycled bags to your toddler so he/she can learn the difference. If you are not using recycled paper, you might want to look into doing so, because it helps the environment. Below is a video explaining why it is important to recycle. I also reused last years gift bags and use recycle bags when possible.


5. Learn how to identify eco friendly products.

Below is a video showing how to identify eco friendly products.


You will be surprised at how your toddler will absorb this information and remember this, because your toddler is constantly learning. His/her mind is like a sponge absorbing all the information that you supply him/her with.

Areas of the brain

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