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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How To Influence Your Toddler By Being Positive

Have you ever talked to someone and everything that came out of their mouth was negative? The body mind and spirit are affected by our attitudes. By choosing to be positive you can manifest a life of abundance. You can determine whether you want to be a positive person or a negative one. As for me, I choose the positive person.

1.Laughter and Your Health

Your toddler watches everything you do and say. How many times have you heard someone tell a child, “Do as I say, not as I do?” Toddlers are very smart. Your toddler watches how you treat others. You have a great influence on your toddler. Being negative most of the time can effect your health. Over periods of time negativity can affect your heart, immune system, digestive system, and other parts of the body. Try laughing. Laugh with your toddler and allow your toddler to see you laughing with others. Laughing triggers the release of endorphins which encourages an overall sense of well-being.
So it is important to choose your actions wisely.

Parents and child laughing together

2. Practice- Practice-Practice.

You might feel that you are a negative person and you cannot change. That is an untrue statement. You can change if you want to change. I love President Obama’s phrase, “Yes I Can.” Yes you can. Stay focused. Think before you speak. Just because you think a negative thought, it does not mean that you need to speak it. So you start attempting to be positive and you still make negative statements. Don’t beat yourself up because of this. In the beginning it might feel awkward using positive statements, but it will get better. Practice with your toddler. Remember too many negative statements to your toddler can easily wound his/her spirit. Although he/she may appear okay outwardly, inside there may be a lot of scars. Do you have a wounded spirit, because someone has repeatedly spoke negatives to you? You can change that. Look in your mirror and tell yourself, “I love you.” Can you think of any other positive affirmations that you want to tell yourself?

Young boy thinking

3. Acknowledgment.

Your toddler will do many positive things in a day. Look for the positive things and speak positive words such as, “very good ” “great idea” “you are so smart.” This will affect your toddler because eventually it will become a reality. Your toddler will believe, “I am smart, I did have a great idea.” Your toddler believes what you tell him/her. So why not tell your toddler good things?

4. Nonverbal Communication.

Nonverbal communication is just as important as verbal communication. Ask yourself these questions are you frowning most of the time? Do you smile and appear friendly to others? Do you smile at your toddler? Have you looked in the mirror lately? Has anyone ever told you. “You look like your mad at the world?” You can decide which nonverbal communication that you will use with your toddler and with others. The video below by Allan Bonner gives a few tips regarding the power of nonverbal communication.


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