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Monday, November 16, 2009

How To Survive After Twins

You probably thought it was great to have a baby, but later discovered is was more than one. Maybe you became excited and thought, “ Two for one.” One delivery and 2 babies. Well there is life after twins.

1. Organization, Feedings, & Talking to Other Mothers

To be organized is half of the battle of caring for twins. As you get to know your twins, you will know about the time when your twins will wake up for their feedings. If you are not breastfeeding, prepare their bottles around the time that you know they will probably wake up. Yes and no all twins do not always wake up at the same time for feedings. Seek out other mothers that have twins, educate yourself with information online, learn and benefit from what others can tell you. If you are not into reading or time may not permit, find videos, CD’s, or programs that talk about parenting with twins.

Mothers talking with each other

2. Changing Table & Drawers.

Be sure to have all items available for changing babies diapers and/or after giving babies a bath. Label drawers with babies names. Put all socks together, all shirts, all pants, etc. Have the clothes laid out that the babies are going to wear. Even though they are babies get them into the habit of changing their clothes daily. There may be some days you just want to keep them in tee shirts and diapers, but try not to make it a habit.

Diaper Changing Table

3. Family & Friends.

This is a good time to elicit the help from family and friends. Do not try to do it all yourself. Do allow your husband to help as much as he will. Remember these babies are his also. So what, if he does not do everything like you do it. Above all get plenty of rest when you can.

Husband changing diaper

4. Temporary.

Know and remember that as your babies get older and are able to help themselves, it will not be like this always. It does get better. Do not beat yourself up if everything is not perfect. Remember the babies cannot help themselves, so they rely on you for food and comfort.

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