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Friday, July 22, 2011

How To Build Your Toddler’s Self-Esteem

Cruel People

The world, children, and people can be cruel. There are those that can beat you emotionally. It is very important to build up your toddlers self-esteem before they enter into Preschool, Headstart, or Daycare. Part of your nurturing as a parent will be to give your toddler as much encouragement and self-confidence as you can.

1. Know that your toddler can never get too much praise or recognition. Praise your toddler for the little things that he or she might do. For example, your toddler picks up an item that you might have dropped on the floor by mistake and he/she hands it to you. Your response might be to thank him/her and tell them they are such a big help to you.

2. When your toddlers draw a picture or attempts to write the alphabet let them know that they did a good job. At some point in time toddlers may tell you that they want to do something themselves. So long as it is not something that will harm them, let them try. No, it might not turn out as perfect as you or I would do it, but it is the attempt that is important. Give your toddlers the praise for trying to do it. You might say, “Your are so smart.” “That was a good idea.” This is encouragement for your toddlers.

You can praise toddler for writing

3. Remember to tell your little girl, “You are so pretty.” Tell your little boy, “You are so handsome.” Watch the delight that comes over their face when you tell them this. There have been many teen-agers and adults that have had low-self esteem because they never had anyone to build them up. Do not forget to kiss your toddlers.

Parents kissing their toddler

4. Always remember to tell your toddlers you love them. Lets take it a step further. It is not enough just to say you love them, give them a hug. Give your toddlers a smile. A smile can do wonders for your toddlers. A smile acknowledges your toddlers and shows you friendly to them. Toddlers are hungry for affection. They need to be touched appropriately. Sometimes, just pat them on the back lightly. Touch is something that will touch every emotional fiber in your toddlers.

Mother hugging her toddler

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  1. Hi Betty, these are excellent tips. I really like the examples you shared under each tip - very practical.

    Tweeted and shared it around for you.

  2. Thanks ever so much Stelsie. I am glad that you liked it.