Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How To Live Intentionally

There is no end where your dreams can take you.

Living intentionally is a conscious decision. It is not a coincidence. You need to make good decisions, because bad decisions can cost you. You need to know what it is that you want and what you would like to achieve. It does not do any good to worry, because when you finish worrying your problem still has not been solved. It is very important to take action. You need to do something. You cannot control others, but you do have control over how you react to situations. As long as you are living you can set goals, complete goals, then set new goals when you accomplish the former ones. Planning can be a great help.

1. You can start by setting goals. The goals can be short-termed and long-termed. You should do both, because the long termed goals give you a vision and expectation to reach for. The short term goals will not take as long. When a short term goal is completed, you can feel the satisfaction of knowing that you did it. You will determine the goal that you want and once you accomplish it, you will set other goals.

Examples of long term goals might be, to purchase a house, to go on a vacation, to go on a cruise, or to just save extra money for retirement. You will decide what goal it is that you want to accomplish. This is all about you. Examples of short term goals might be to loose a certain amount of weight in 2 months, to start going to bed early every night, to stop procrastinating, or to go for a daily walk.

2. Once you have decided on your goals, You need to decide what you need to do to accomplish the goal or what amount of money, time or resources might be needed and write this down. Then the long term goals need to be broken down into months, weeks, and days. By doing this it helps you identify what and when you need to be working towards your goals. It also helps so that the long-term goals do not seem so unobtainable and so far away, because you are going to work on it continually. You will also write down the short term goals. When you get up each morning your purpose and what it is you plan to accomplish needs to be written out, because now you have a purpose and an agenda. You should have a daily list. Now when you first start you might not accomplish all of your goals, but that is okay, because then you can take it as a learning experiment and reevaluate you goals to see if they were realistic enough. Above all do not beat yourself up about it.

3. Definitely make a specific deadline for the goals to be complete. Then that will give you a vision and time frame to aim toward.

4. Finally, when a goal is completed be sure to reward yourself. You deserved it. The good thing about that is, that you will decide on the type of reward. Possibly it might be to pamper yourself at a spa, or by yourself chocolate candy, or buy yourself those golf clubs or fishing gear that you have been wanting.

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