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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How To Prepare Your Toddler For School

It is important and vital that you prepare you toddler for school. Whether it is Preschool or Head Start your child deserves the best that you can give to help him or her to have a good day at school. Preparation is is key.

Good nights sleep.

Be sure that your toddler gets a good night sleep. You will need to determine by observing your toddler to see how much sleep he or she needs in order to function properly the next day. Some toddlers may need to go to sleep at 8:30 p.m. in the evening, while others may need to go to sleep as early as 7:30. Do read your toddler a story before bedtime. It can be relaxing for your toddler.

Child sleeping


Be sure to help your toddler with homework the night before. If there are no homework assignments, be sure to keep in touch with the teacher to know what may need to be reviewed or practiced with your toddler. For example, the teacher might want you to work on your toddler’s alphabets or learning to write his or her name.

Mother helping son with homework

Lay Clothes Out.

Lay your toddler’s clothes out for the next day and prepare his/her backpack with returned homework and change of clothing in case of accidents. By doing this the night before, it will eliminate you getting up in the morning having to try and find an item of clothing that might be missing or that needs to be washed. This is especially important for a preschooler’s first year. Be sure to label all of his/her clothing with your toddler’s name. Be sure that your toddler’s coat and shoes are clean also.

Lay toddlers clothes out

Waking Your Toddler in the Morning.

Be sure to allow enough time to get your toddler up in the morning. Some toddlers may wake up perky and ready to go in the morning. Others may take a few moments to actually get moving once they are up. Be sure to prepare a good breakfast for your toddler. Even though you do not eat breakfast try not to start your toddler’s day the same way.

Toddler waking up very cheery

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Remember to hug and kiss your toddler before he/she leaves for school.

Tell your toddler you love him/her and encourage your toddler to have a good day.

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