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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How To Teach Toddlers To Clean Up

Toddler playing with toys

Someone might say it is easier said than done, but it can be done. Toddlers need to be taught early in life that mommy and daddy will not clean up behind them. The main thing to remember is to be persistent. Some toddlers may only take out one or two toys to play with. Then there are those toddlers that will bring out eight or more toys to play with within a matter of seconds if allowed to.

1. First of all most toddlers attention spans tend to be short. They might want to play with one toy one minute then the next minute play with another toy. Parenting involves guiding toddlers. Only allow your toddler to take out one or two toys at a time to play with.

2. When finished playing with those 2 toys, make sure they put them up before taking another toy out. When they put the toys up, they should have a toy box or shelf where the toy can be put. This process can be used for the toddlers to put their books or games back up where they belong. This is crucial for the clean up. You MUST follow through. It is not enough to tell a toddler to do this without checking to see if they actually put it in it’s proper place or just took it to the room and dropped it on the floor. This part of parenting can be tiring, but will be worth it over a course of time.

3. This procedure needs to be done consistently. You might even want to sing a song with toddlers as they clean up such as, “Clean up, clean up.” Naturally most toddlers want to know why they have to put two toys back before getting another. Just tell them the truth. You want to keep the clutter down.

4. This also teaches the toddlers responsibility and it is an important part of child development. They are accountable for putting their toys up. You may encounter some toddlers not wanting to put their toys up. They may have an excuse saying, “I am tired.” Then you just address it. Let the toddlers know if they are tired, then maybe it should be nap time. Not many toddlers want to voluntarily take a nap, so the tiredness might just disappear.

Tips: PERSISTENCE is the key.
These parenting tips for toddlers will work.

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