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Saturday, September 26, 2009

How To Help Your Toddler Handle Anger

Sad toddler

Anger when left unchecked can cause serious emotional problems such as depression and physical problems as well. Toddlers can be taught at this early age to deal with this emotion. God gave us several emotions, but it is up to us how we use the emotions.

1. Talk to toddlers and let them know that it is okay to get angry. Let them know that getting angry is a choice, but when they get angry learn to verbalize it. Tell toddlers to say, “I am angry.” or “I am mad.” First realize it and acknowledge it. You want toddlers not to hold it in and internalize it. You might want to start talking with them at a time when they are not angry. Mention this in the course of a conversation with them.

Angry Boy

2. Let toddlers know that sometimes they might want to count to 10 before talking. Possibly calm down before talking. You want your toddler to start thinking before reacting.

Toddler thinking

3. Make sure toddlers know it is not okay to kick, hit, or bite someone else when they are angry. That is not acceptable behavior . If that type of behavior occurs address it right then and then. Do not wait until you get home if you are out somewhere else. Also, talk to them about tantrums, letting them know that tantrums are not acceptable behavior. You are basically letting the toddlers know what your expectations are of them. Stand firm. You are basically giving toddlers anger management lessons. Most of the time if toddlers know what is expected of them, they will rise to the occasion.

4. Toddlers want to please parents, but they also sometimes want what they want when they want it. So there must be a delicate balance. Give more positive praise than “No’s”. If someone were telling you “no don’t do this or don’t do that all the time, you might get angry too.

Mother Giving an I Love you card to toddler

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