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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How To Change Your Toddler’s Behavior

There may be a certain behavior that is unacceptable with your toddler. In order to change behavior there must me great emphasis on the good behaviors. Eventually the good behaviors become more prominent than the bad behaviors. Whatever you focus most on becomes a reality.

1. Recognition.

A parenting tip you should never forget is that toddlers want attention. Many have used bad behavior, because that is what worked. You must recognize the good behaviors. Focus more on the good behaviors and you will see more of it.

Mother and grandmother clapping hands to give toddler recognition

2. Acknowledgement.

You must start acknowledging any type of good behavior that your toddler does regardless to how small it may seem. Acknowledging can be done with a smile of approval, or even a clapping of your hands.


Your toddler will love it when you give him/her praise. The more you praise your toddler, the more that he or she will want to please you. Remember no one wants to hear “no no” all the time. Possibly some parents have been negative towards their toddler. You can change.

Mother gesturing that was a good job

Below is a list of some of the positive phrases that you can start using with your toddler:

1. Great idea
2. Good job
3. Your are so smart.
4. That is good.
5. I am so proud of you.
6. You are a great helper
7. You help me so much
8. Yes you can
9. I am so thankful for you
10 You are so thoughtful and considerate

Let your toddler know when he or she has a great idea

4. Reward.

No rewards are not necessary all of the time, but from time to time rewards can help. Now you need to find out which type of reward your toddler would like. You may like one thing, but that might not be considered a reward to your toddler. A few suggestions might me to take your toddler skating, to the park, buy him/her an ice cream cone, go to a carnival, buy him/her something nice. You will eventually know the things that your toddler likes and you can reward him/her with these things.

Toddlers eating ice cream cones

Captions: Fotosearch.com

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