Friday, September 4, 2009

How to Travel With a Two-Year-old

You and your toddler can eat healthy while traveling.

When you decide to take that family vacation, if you will be traveling by car or minivan, there will be several things to take into consideration. A two-year-old’s time span is somewhat different than an adult‘s. So for that reason you want to be as adequately prepared, especially if you are traveling long distances such as 9-13 hours or more. That can be a long time for a two-year-old.

1.For starters if your two-year-old is not already potty trained, you might not want to start potty training around your travel time, because when traveling that can throw all of the timing off. Whether your two-year-old is already potty trained or not be sure to take plenty of pull-ups. If you think you want to attempt to continue potty training during this time, be sure to bring his/her potty with you and try to stick as close to the schedule that you started. Also, make frequent stops so both of your can walk around and stretch your legs. Toddlers will love the walking around. This is also prevent gas and bloating.

2.You will want to have planned activities that can be played in your vehicle when your two-year-old is not sleeping. Remember you want this to be the best vacation ever. You might bring his or her favorite, book, doll, or DVD. Some two-year-olds know how to play games on laptops. If your two-year-old does, be sure to bring your laptop so he or she can play their favorite game as you travel.

3.Be sure to bring pillows and blankets for sleeping comfort while traveling. You may want to bring his or her favorite snacks such as potato chips, cookies, fruits, or pretzels. The family can sings songs while traveling in the car. Some favorite songs of two-year-olds might be “Old McDonald Had a Farm”, If You are Happy and You Know It, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, or their ABC’s.

4.Be sure to take your stroller. It might come in handy if your two-year-old is tired and does not feel like walking.

As you read this article, you may think of other things to add to your trip, so be creative.
Be sure to have fun and enjoy yourself and your two-year-old.
Be sure to have your medical cards and any allergy or other medicine that he or she needs, in the event of illness.
Time is one of the most precious gift to give to your two-year-old, he or she will love this.

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