Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to Stimulate Your Toddler’s Mind

Children's minds are like sponges

Children’s minds are like sponges. They will absorb as much as they can. They want to learn. It is exciting and thrilling to learn new things. I will tell you of several things that can stimulate your toddler’s mind. You might say, “He is all over the place already.” Stimulating your toddler’s mind can make for a well- rounded and balanced child.

1. Engage your toddler in physical activity. This will stimulate the mind and the body. Some physical activities might be gymnastics, dancing, skating, or possibly swimming. These activities will also help your toddler to sleep well at night. There is something about dancing and music. They both can just be soothing to the mind and the body. Do not forget about exercising with your toddler. Exercise causes the release of endorphins. Endorphins are neurotransmitters produced in the brain that reduce pain, stress, and can cause you to feel good as well as relaxed.

2. Traveling is another way to stimulate your toddler’s mind. If you can afford to, traveling to another city, state, or country, this can be very educational. To actually see other cultures and to realize the differences and simililarities can be quite interesting.

3. Take your toddler to the library, to a children‘s museum, or to a play in a theatre. The world of books can be very exciting to a toddler, while helping their language development. Allow your toddler to pick out his/her books. Introducing him/her to the library very early in life will give him/her a headstart in learning, comprehending, and developing his mind power. Your toddler will be fascinated by the different books and stories. It will stimulate his/her mind to imagine, dream, and to be more creative. Children’s museums generally have a hands on approach. At the children’s museum toddlers are able to touch, feel, see, and experience a variety of things. There are several youth theatres that have children’s plays which your toddler may be able to relate to.

4. Go with your toddler for a walk or a nature hike. Parenting does not always have to be serious. Have some fun. The outdoors is a great resource for stimulating the mind. The fresh air or just the smell of the flowers can be very beneficial. It has been said that walking is one of the best exercises there is. Another benefit of walking is that it is free. Finally, for those that are more adventurous, you might want to jog.

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