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Friday, April 23, 2021

Get the Facts and Education of COVID-19 Vaccinations

Did you get your Covid-19 vaccination? Possibly your hesitant or maybe you have other medical reasons as to why you did not get the vaccination. Possibly you know a family member or friend that died from Caronavirus.


                                            ***Good News***

Maybe you are just fearful that it is not worth it to take the vaccination. The most important thing is to get as much information and facts as possible so that you can make an informed decision.

A. Belief and Unbelief

When the Caronavirus was first identified and people were dying daily, there were those that still did not believe a Pandemic existed. I recall numerous young people on beaches during spring break making it clear they did not believe in the Pandemic and as some of them said, “ We are going to live our lives.” Now because there was no vaccination and very little known about this virus at the time patient’s were put on ventilators, and it was eventually determined that distancing from others and mask wearing was a great deterrent to the virus. It took some time before a vaccination was even developed. We are a part of History. If you have had a family member or friend that died from Caronavirus your feelings may be different than someone that has not experienced that.

My coworker’s husband and teenage son was the first deaths of Caronavirus in my state. I could see and feel the despair in her as she still held on to God’s word. I could not imagine what she went through. Usually your children will bury you, but this time it was the other way around. She was burying not only her husband but her one and only child.

B. Statics

As of April 22, 2021 according to World Health Organization there have been 143,445,675 confirmed cases of Caronavirus in the world, 3,051,736 confirmed deaths, and 223 countries with caronavirus cases. So Caronavirus has affected millions of people all over the world.

C. Funerals

Life has changed drastically since the Covid-19 Pandemic. Funerals only allow 25-50 family members where in the past funeral attendance could be as large as a building would hold.

D. COVID-19 Vaccinations that have been approved by CDC

Although the Pfizer, Moderns, and Johnson & Johnson Vaccine have been approved by the CDC. Johnson & Johnson has been put on hold for more investigation and it is a one-time dose, whereas, Pfizer and Moderna require 2 dozes about a month apart.

1. Clinical trials for the Pfizer vaccine according to news was tolerated well over 43,000 participants enrolled; no serious safety concerns observed; the only Grade 3 adverse event greater than 2% in frequency was fatigue at 3.8% and headache at 2.0%.

2. Clinical trials for the Moderna vaccine according to included 79.4% White, 9.7% African American, 4.7% Asian, <3% other races/ethnicities, <1% American Indian or Alaska Native, <1% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander. They further stated that 82% were considered to have an occupational risk of exposure, with 25.4% of them being healthcare workers.

3. Johnson & Johnson Clinical trial according to enrolled 43,783 participants. They further add ed that there were 44 percent of participants in the United States, seventy-four participants in the U.S. are White/Caucasian; 15 percent are Hispanic and/or Latino; 13 percent are Black/African American; 6 percent are Asian and 1 percent are Native American. Now according to Johnson & Johnson Vaccinations have been Paused After Rare Clotting Cases Emerge.

E. My Decision

I was hesitant when the vaccine first came out and discovered even though you were signed up for the vaccine that it sometimes took about a month before you were contacted to actually take the vaccine. Now as more have been vaccinated many places are offering vaccinations without appointments and although vaccinations were offered to older individuals it is now opened to 16-year-old and older. Because this virus unlike previous viruses is so deadly and because you can be a carrier of it with no symptoms and still give it to someone else was enough to convince me to get vaccinated. Although I was previously tested for Covid-19 and was negative, I could not imagine having it and unknowingly giving it to my family, a friend or a stranger.

There may be instances where a doctor may not recommend their patient get vaccinated if pregnant or if the person has asthma. I even recall at the time when I was getting my 2nd dose vaccination a gentlemen came in and explained he needed to cancel his first dose appointment because his cardiologist needed to check him first.

E. Side Effects

Did you know that the majority of medications have some type of side effect? Although you may or may not experience side effects from the vaccination the benefits of the vaccination far out-way the side effects according to the They further add side effects might include pain, redness, swelling in the arm, tiredness, headache, muscle pain chills, fever, nausea. Symptoms should not last longer than 2-3 days. They also suggest applying a clean cool, wet washcloth over the area, drink plenty of fluids, and dress lightly. Remember everyone is different. Some people experience this while others receive no symptoms whatsoever. I recall talking to a friend that said she took her elderly mother and they both got vaccinated. Her elderly mother experienced no symptoms, but my friend did experience symptoms. 

F. Religion

According to Pope Francis plans to get coronavirus vaccine, calling it an ethical obligation. They further add that a video by Tyler Lackey- “Could vaccines be the mark of the beast?” speculated mask mandates in stores and other rules might signal the mark because they were first steps in preventing people from being able to buy and sell, which Revelations suggests will be prohibited in the End Time.

Finally the ultimate decision will be yours. Gather all the facts and as much information so that you can make an informed decision that is best for you.



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  3. Basically for us, in Australia, we have virtually no virus transmission but the minute our borders open, that will change so we'll have to get the vaccination. The long covid symptoms and physical degredation is as worrying as the immediate attack on the body.

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