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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Do You Know How to Find the Perfect Husband?

5 Tips For You

Have you ever heard someone say, "I am going to find me a husband?" There is no perfect husband. Everyone has some type of flaw or imperfection. Even with all his flaws, God has designed that perfect man for you.

perfect man

Even though there is no perfect husband, there may be a perfect husband for you. Have you considered God has already ordained it even before you knew it?

1. Proverbs 18:22 Husband findeth a wife.

A husband findeth a wife, not a wife findeth a husband. Women, the men will find you. So in the mean time sit back and relax. When he finds you, you will know and you are then in a position to determine and discern if this is the husband for you., with all of his flaws and imperfections, because none of us are perfect "No not One."

To those that are already married and attempting to make him perfect "forget it." So what if he prefers the roll of toilet tissue on top or on the bottom of the roll. So what if he forgets and leaves the top off the toothpaste. So what if he puts the wallpaper up on the wall differently than the way that you do. So what if he is disorganized when putting the wallpaper up and you on the other hand are very organized and disciplined. Those are little unimportant things. Concentrate on issues not topics. You have more important things in life to concentrate on and consider:  

 Mark 10:9

Your husband will seek you out. He will be like a hunter. Many men like the thrill of the hunt. Ladies observe how much effort does he exert to win you? Use your discernment to discern is he for real. Just because a man buys you groceries one time, does not mean he is the husband for you. Just because he takes you home to meet his mother does not mean he is the husband for you, because he may be taking several women home to mother to see what mother thinks.

3. Consistency

It takes time to know whether he is consistent. This cannot be found out in a week or even a month. Over a course of time the real man will come out, he cannot pretend and put on his best front all the time. At some point in time that guard will come down.

4. Love Yourself

While you are waiting for that perfect husband for you, why not relax in the Lord? Why not be busy in the work of the Lord? Why not be busy in bettering yourself? If that means going back to school, why not do it? Be active in keeping yourself well groomed. You never know when or where that perfect husband for you will show up. It might be while you are at the doctor's office or possibly while at the laundry mat. You never know.

Know that your perfect husband will make mistakes just like you have made mistakes. Be sure that you know the main values and things that you want in your perfect husband that is just for you. Take heed to what your pastor, your close friends, and relatives observe about the husband that is seeking you. They will see things that you do not see, because you may have tunnel vision at the time. Will he make a good father? Will he be a good example for your children? These are questions that you may ask yourself.

5. Spirit versus Spirit

Have you ever heard the expression "try the spirit by the spirit?" Ladies do not be fooled by wolves in sheep clothing. If your perfect husband for you professes to love God, observe whether he knows any scripture. If he professes to be a member of a particular church, go visit there. Does his actions match his words?

Sometimes men have visited a church one time and will claim they are a member there. Sometimes they may even carry a bible around, but do they read it?


I recall a set of identical twins. One of them left her fiance standing at the alter and ran off with another man. The other twin eventually married the same fiance. They have been married many years now. You never know how your husband may find you.


If you discover this is the perfect husband for you, marriage counseling could give you great tools for success after you are engaged. Even with all the knowledge available to us, you will never know everything that there is too know about marriage. Know that there is nothing wrong with calling the engagement off. In fact, this would be the best time before marriage rather than after marriage. If this happens, just thank God you found what out what you needed to know before marriage.

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