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Monday, June 1, 2015

When Children Share Different Households

When children share different households because of separation or divorce, it can be quite an adjustment for children and the parents as well.

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Have you considered that you and your spouse's parenting styles may differ? What do you do when you are divorced with children and your children come home and tell you they can stay up as late as they want over mom's or dad's house? What do you do when even after discussions you and your divorced spouse are not on the same page with raising your children?

According to Brett Sember at womansdivorce.com, there is no perfect approach to parenting and that children do benefit from different parenting styles. It is further added that one parent may be rigid about bedtimes and curfew, while the other parent may allow the children to stay up late and even return the children to the other parent late just to tick the other off. Does this sound familiar to you? Has this happened to you?


Because I have been there and done that, I learned that I could voice my wishes to my spouse regarding our children, but once they were with him to some extent the parenting was out of my control. In other words if the children are not in harms way, some battles are not worth it.

2 Households Plus

After divorce or separation, children learn that they have 2 houses that they live in at different times, sometimes more than that when grandparents or other relatives are involved. Children learn to adjust and can be quite flexible. The important thing is for you to be clear about your expectations in your household. Explain to your children your spouse may have different exceptions in that household. Yes it would be very nice if both you and your spouse could be on the same page regarding raising your children, but that does not always happen.

Also in the article:

I mentioned about children spending the night over grandparents. Now this is an instance where children learn very early in life about different households. As one woman once told me, “Yeah you grandparents just spoil our children.”


I recall before my husband and I even divorced our parenting styles were different, but our children still turned out okay. He did not want our baby to use a pacifier because he thought it would cause her to have buck teeth. I gave her one anyway. The results were she had beautiful white straight teeth. When I went grocery shopping, I would come home to find the baby laying on his chest and they both were on the floor sound asleep. That is something I would never do, but now scientists have discovered the heart beat of the parent is soothing to the baby and conducive to sleep. I say that to say that there are differences in marriage and in divorce, but your children will learn what is expected at each household and they can benefit from the differences as well.


Just like God gives us free will as to whether we will accept him in our lives, the same with your children. You give them your guidelines and your expectations and pray that they will remember them and follow them when they are not with you. You let them know there is a consequence for every action. In reality there is no guarantee that they will follow your instructions all the time. They will make mistakes or even decide they like the way that your spouse does some things. Just remember they are watching both of you and learning from both of you. That is not all bad either, because they need both of you as well as needing relatives that are available to help.

Please You

For the most part, children want to please their parents. So it is important for you as a parent to let your child know the expectations you have for them. So even when they are over to your spouse's house and they are allowed to stay up late, they know that that is not acceptable in your household and is a choice that they are making. Yes not many children would pass up staying up as late as they want and that is understandable.

Finally, we need to remember you and your spouse were raised by different people. Many times opposites attracts. If everyone in this world were just alike, this would be a boring world. Your children will be able to find some commonality between the both of you.

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  3. My daughters have two homes, and somewhere between 2 and 4 parents. Their dad has been remarried twice since he and I divorced, but my daughters only consider the second stepmom to still be "Mommy". It's so important to recognize that kids already feel torn by divorce and two households - it's the parents' jobs to support them and help them make sense of differences. My girls have always known that there can be multiple "right" ways of doing things, and I work hard to be respectful of Daddy's rules when the girls are at Daddy's house, while brooking no wiggle room in my rules when they're with me.

    I think that having an impartial adult in children's lives can be extremely valuable. One of the school counselors at my daughters' school is just phenomenal, and my girls know that they can always go to her (even over the summer!) to make sense of things where. I'm lucky that they're still open to talking to me, and it saddens me to see how much they consider to be off-limits when talking to Daddy.

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  4. Hi Betty,
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  5. Sadia sounds like you are doing a great job with your girls.