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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Has the Circus Changed?

Have you been to the circus lately? I like the circus, but it has changed somewhat from the time that I first saw the circus?

circus acts

When I first went to the circus, the circus acts were amazing. It was during school and was considered a field trip. The circus trip was free to all students. I looked forward to this field trip nearly every year until the one day that a student was left at the circus. He did not come back on the bus as planned. After that the schools no longer would take students to the circus, it was left up to the parents to take that responsibility.

Black Circus

If you have never seen a black circus, you need to see it. You will see much soul into the productions. I have never been to one, but watched one on television. This show was just awesome. When one comes to my town, I will make it a point to go see it too.

When I first took my grandson to the circus as I was holding him and we went past a clown he clutched me around my neck, squeezed me tight and said, “Granny save me, save me.” I then realized he was terrified of the clown. He could not figure out what that strange character was. 

First Circus

According to History.com the first circus was in 1792 in Philadelphia. It was further added that President George Washington attended a Ricketts Circus and sold the company a horse. 

Tickets & Parking

Tickets for the circus today can range to about $12.50 per person or 2 children for $12.50. Many times various organizations including schools or even television stations will give out free tickets. This year as I observed the circus at Perani's Arena, parking last year was $5.00. This year it has increased to $10.00.

When I first went to the circus, I saw acrobatic acts, clowns, tightrope walkers, and jugglers, popcorn, and cotton candy, there is now much more to be seen.

Circus Acts

Recently at the Perani Circus I saw a new act that included Spiderman. Also, there were the trained pigs that performed. Children were seemingly very much in awe of this Spiderman that turned and swung into the air.

I was amazed at the number of various vendors and the cost as well. It is understandable everyone wants to make a living, but nearly everything cost you. There was nothing free not even the programs or the coloring books. A few of the things you will now see at the circus are as follows:

Face Painting

There is face painting during intermission. I saw many cute faces of the children that chose to get their faces painted.

Bouncy House

Many places will have the Bouncy House free, but there was a charge of $7.00 for this Bouncy House.

Snake Picture

You could get your picture taken for a price with a live snake.


Now besides paying for a ride on the elephant or pony, you can now ride on a camel, or a small train.

Now you did see those going around selling popcorn, snow cones, and cotton candy which is my favorite. The toy swords ranged from $5.00-$15.00 a piece for children. Everything seemingly came with a price, but the children seem to love it.

So yes, the circus has changed. I believe it is much more costly now, but yet in still the children seem to love it and I like it too.



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  1. I took my twincesses last year and I was amazed! they really couldn't care less at age 3 but I enjoyed it lol. Thanks for linking up to Pin Worthy Wednesday :)

  2. Keisha Possibly they will enjoy it when they are a little older. Age 3 is young for the circus.

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