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Friday, January 2, 2015

Blue Eyed, Brown-Eyed Review

This experiment was used as a basis to help the children understand about prejudices and how they exist. Several years later the same group of children were brought together as adults to discuss the experiment that was done. They discussed how it affected them and how it gave them perspectives as adults.

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This same experiment was done in a prison with adults. It was amazing to see that there were only a few prisoners that actually stood up and said, “That is a brunch of crap.” Then there were those that were actually believing and agreeing that blue-eyed people were better and more smarter than brown-eyed people by offering excuses to support their statements.

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That is why it is so important not to pass your prejudices down to your children. Children are not born being prejudice. It is something that they learn. It is ultimately important to embrace your culture. So many times there have been those blacks that had tried to pass for Caucasian, because of the discrimination that existed. Discrimination does still exist, but in different forms. Blacks discriminate against blacks as well as Caucasians that discriminate against blacks. Because blacks come in a rainbow of colors, there were some blacks that where high yellow and would consider themselves better than a very dark black person. Which was and is still wrong.

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I remember a young lady planning to go off to college. She had talked over the phone to several other young ladies. They were to share an apartment together. When they actually met to make the deposit the other young ladies changed their minds when they discovered she was a different nationality than they were. The young lady was stunned and very hurt as she had never experience this outright blatant prejudice. The apartment manager saw this and told the other young ladies he would not hold the apartment for them either, because they now had to come up with the balance of the deposit. Although this was a hard lesson in prejudice. I told the young lady, this might have been a blessing. Had she gotten the apartment with the other 3 young ladies, they possibly could have attempted to make her life miserable with their prejudices.

I remember hearing several in a discussion stating they would not want their child to marry someone of a different race. I don’t know why, but I was surprised and alarmed that they felt that way.

What are your feelings on this?

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  1. I have hazel colored eyes, what does that say about me? I do understand what you are saying and I think we are all bias or prejudice in one for or another. Maybe not race against race but in our differences.

  2. I understand what you are saying too Angelg. The eyes were used as an example. I am sure she could have chosen size or even height to do the experiment.

  3. It seems to me the issue of prejudice has been going on so long and it saddens me greatly. What we do to people of different races is mean and demeaning. I think we all need to remember who created us and that we were created equal. Thank you for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  4. It's true, people are raised to accept or discriminate. It's really sad. I'm from a small town (now I live in a big city) so I grew up with not a lot of ethnic/racial diversity. I'm very happy that my parents raised me to see everyone as equal.

    I wish people who didn't see that would just not have kids, or change their outlook first! Their outlook is so antiquated and I can't believe it's still so widespread today, and we don't need them passing it on to future generations!

    1. You have a point Mattie, but God gets children here on earth by different avenues.

  5. I absolutely agree that prejudice is taught and that's so very sad to me. A great reminder that no one is greater than the other and that we are all created by God to do great things for Him. Thank you for sharing at Waiting on...Wednesday!