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Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to Encourage Boys to Write

Ali Preston pinned an article onto Pinterest that suggests using a transformer box and putting paper and markers in it to encourage boys to write.


When your boy writes, display your child’s writing on a bulletin board. Show him that it is important to you according to pbs.org. He will be able to take pride in knowing that you feel that his writing is important to you.

I personally know that a 2nd grader will be more inclined to write, if the topic is something that he enjoys such as soccer or an event that he attended such as a birthday party.
I just love this idea of telling a story in a jar. Education.com talks about this. These are great ideas for writing a story; just write a sentence such as: I like my neighbor’s dog.” There are endless brainstorming ideas your second grader could name. They are then put in a jar where they can pull one of them out to write about.

I observed a child that liked to draw. What about encouraging your 2nd grader to draw a picture about something, and then write about it?

Do you listen to your 2nd grader? Often when children come home from school they are really excited and talkative about their day. Allow them to tell you about it and make sure you listen. In this way you are supporting them emotionally according to Ann Bartz at babycenter.com. Just like we want others full attention when we talk, a child loves this full attention too.

Have you thought about asking your 2nd grader to write down their wants and their wishes in the form of sentences? According to National Project.com this is a way to encourage children in writing. They further suggest encouraging your child to write a postcard to themselves. What a great idea.

You can encourage your 2nd grader to write by making sure your child sees you write and making notes. Children love to do what they see you doing. This is an idea by coloincolorado.org. This is another great idea.


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