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Friday, July 19, 2013

How Kids Rainbow Eat. . . .Eating by Color

by Ribbla, Morguefile

Not only is rainbow eating healthy for children, the colors are very inviting and enticing for kids to want to eat. The looks of foods do make a difference.

Eating a rainbow of colors regularly helps to give your body the nutrients that it needs. By doing so you can lower your risk for certain cancers, prevent some eye diseases, improve memory, and much more.

Eating the Rainbow

Fruit & Vegetable Availability

Do you make fruit and vegetable available for your children? I make it a point to keep fresh vegetables and fruits on the table. This makes for great snacks too.

by beglib, Morguefile

More Appealing

You can make a variety of fruits more appealing with fruit cutters. Fruit that looks like a flower, rose, or strawberry can make the fruit even more appealing to the eye.

You can eat nutritiously without breaking the bank. Have you tried buying fruits and vegetables that are not processed or ready to eat? You will save by doing so. I often will buy a watermelon or cantaloupe that is already cut, as opposed to buying a whole one, because then I can see and have an idea if it is ripe enough. I really like Farmer’s market, because many of the fruits the vendors will allow you to taste and see for yourself what you are getting. I especially like this with the watermelons and cherries. Usually the Farmer’s market will have great colorful fruits and vegetables. Do not forget those homegrown tomatoes. Now those are some deep red tomatoes. I like the fact that they are homegrown too.

By Luchian Alexandru, Morguefile

Check for sales

Check for sales, because often you can find fruits and vegetables on sale at decent prices.

Why eat a Rainbow of Foods?

Someone might ask, “Why eat a Rainbow of Foods?” Simply put you increase your longevity for combating disease. Those 5 color spectrums include the colors red, orange and yellow, green, blue and dark purple, and white. These color especially the red and orange are quite appealing to kids.

by Royal Holiday, Morguefile


Eat a Rainbow of Fruits and Vegetables
for Better Health

A Rainbow of Foods for Longevity


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