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Sunday, August 26, 2012

When Daughter Moves Your Grandchild Out of the State. . . .

That loss of a grandchild can be just as great as an actual death. That does not have to be the end though. This is the time to get creative. Maintain a good relationship with your son, son-in-law, or daughter and daughter-in-law.

SKYPE or ooVoo

SKYPE (Voice-over-Internet Protocol service) is just that. You can actually see the person that you are talking to on your computer or on your Smartphone. Thank goodness for new technology. OoVoo is the same. They both are free. It is not the same thing as being there with your grandchild, but it is an alternative. I like that it is a FREE service.



Depending on the age of your grandchild, you can write letters. When I lived with my Aunt, I used to love to receive letters from my mother and father. I would so much look forward to them. I cherished them.

Smartphone or iPod

You can always call and/or text. Children just love this.

Read Between the Lines


Depending on your circumstances, you may not be able to visit as often as you would like, but it is an alternative. Also, possibly your daughter or son can help with your expenses to visit. Never hesitate to talk with them about this. Depending on the children’s ages, possibly your grandchildren can come and visit you.

Care Packages and Pictures

You can mail care packages and pictures to your grandchildren. Pictures are something visual that your grandchildren can visualize in their minds. The care packages can consist of some of their favorite things. They will cherish this, because it is from grandmother or grandfather. That will be special.

There may be different reasons that people move out of the state. Some move because of a job offer, while others may move after a bitter divorce.
I hope that you will never be in this position. While the courts generally provide visitation for the parents, there is no provision for the grandparents. Therefore, during a divorce it is important that grandparents know their rights as grandparents. In addition, grandparent’s rights in every state may vary.

In Michigan, a new law was past December 8, 2004 that listed several circumstances where a grandparent may petition the court. If parents are not allowing you to visit your grandchild, this may apply to you. Some of those circumstances might include divorce, separate maintenance, or a child born out-of-wedlock, according to Richard S. Victor of grandparentsrights.org.

So just remember you do have options, when your grandchild is taken out of state.


Richard S. Victor, www.grandparentsrights.org/analysis.pdf

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