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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wheel Of Life

1. Exercise

Would your children say that you take time to exercise? If you don’t exercise, what is your excuse for not doing so? Could exercise possibly give you some balance in life? Could exercise possibly relieve some of your stress? Think about it.

2. Relaxation

Can your children say they ever see you relax? Would your children say you take time to rest? Would your children say you do not talk about work constantly? In the Wheel of life, if there is no balance, work can be taken to extremes. What good are you to your children if you work yourself to death? Think about it.

3. Quality Time

Would your children say you make quality time for them? Would your children say they or your work is your priority? When you are with your children, are you on the telephone most of the time regarding a work situation? When you are out to dinner are you on the phone for a work related situation? When you are out to dinner with your family would your children say you are always compelled to answer the cell phone call immediately and let your children wait? Think about it.

4. Social Life

Would your children say that you even have a social life? Think about it. Do you have a social life? Is your life just work, work, work? In this wheel of life can you find balance?

5. Vacation

Would your children say when you are suppose to be on vacation, your work is your priority? Are you thinking, sleeping, and talking work the entire time that you are suppose to be on vacation? Do you even take a vacation with your family? One lady I once talked to said that they owned their own business and had never taken a vacation. Why have a business if you can’t take a vacation some of the time?

6. Workaholic

Are you possibly a workaholic? Do you work overtime everyday even though it is not expected or mandatory for you to do so? Do you bring work home from the office? Do you work weekends? Do you take work on your vacation? Are you working the majority of your time? Think about it. The Wheel of Life needs balance. All work and no play is not good for anyone.

(WWYCS) What Would Your Children Say?

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