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Thursday, March 17, 2011

6 Places to Get Help With Homework

Computers are used by many to do their homework assignments

1. Tutor.com for U.S. Military Families

This site offers free tutoring for Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force military families 24/7. The Department of Defense is responsible for this free service. Tutor.com is also on facebook.

The link is listed below.


2. Math.com

This sight offers help with math including decimal numbers, square roots, study tips, dividing, and much more. They also offer cool math games.

The link is listed below.


3. Kids Discover Michigan

This site has various learning activities such as state symbols and great books to read. It also includes the History of Michigan, games about Michigan, and much more.

That link is listed below.


4. Discovery Education.com

This is a fabulous online site. Let’s talk about kids and homework. This free resource offers various games, videos, and contests. There is homework help with subjects such as science, English, Social Studies, and much more. If your child is stuck on a math problem, Discovery Education can possibly help you to solve it.

That link is listed below.


5. The Beehive.org

They not only offer homework help, they also offer healthy lunch recipes and other great tips. They offer several types of programs including In Person Homework Help, Online Homework help, and Online “Live” Homework Help.

The link is listed below.


6. Britannica Kids

The link listed below is a utube video that I discovered. This generation of children are very computer oriented. This utube shows how Britannica Kids can be very useful and fun for children using an iPhone, Ipad, or iPod. Instead of playing games on the DS, they might just enjoy this while learning at the same time. Just think, homework information could be download with a touch to their iPod.

The link is listed below:

Educational Kids Apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad from Britannica Kids!

What homework sites do you like or dislike for your child?

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