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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How To Help Your Child That Has Bipolar Disorder

If you have a child that has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, your child will really need your help and support. You can be there as a strong support for your child.

1. Medication.

Bipolar disorder is condition that affects how you feel and can involve severe mood swings from low depression to high maniac states. Medication can ease and balance out the moods, so that a person can function normally. Some of the common medications might be Lithium, Seroquel, or Wellbuterin. Be sure that your child takes his/her medication, because there are times that he/she may want to stop the medication.

Prescription Medication

2. Daily Journal.

Keep a daily journal to track the moods and the times that the medication is administered.

Daily Journal

3. Education.

It is important that you learn as much as you can about bipolar disorder in order to help your child. Learn to look for the signs that your child might display if they are in a mania stage. Some of the signs are reduced sleep, unable to concentrate, very impulsive, talking excessively, involvement in risky behavior or activities without consideration of consequences, severe changes in mood, physical agitation or possibly your child has complaints of racing thoughts.


4.Support Group.

It is important that your child understands he/she is not alone. It is important that your child knows you are not judging and that it is not anyone’s fault. There are others that have this same disorder. Support groups can help your child realize this. The groups can also show you how to help your child. So it is important that you attend the support group with your child. Below is a site that you can go to find bipolar support groups in your city.

http://DoTellAll.com Find a support group in your area. Just enter bipolar support groups, then enter your City and State and click go.

Supports groups

5. Doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist.

Be sure that your child keeps his/her appointments with the doctors and the psychiatrist. Let you’re your child know that there are celebrities and other famous people that have bipolar disorder and are functioning quite well. Maurice Benard of the soap General Hospital speaks about his bipolar Disorder on You Tube listed below.

YouTube - Maurice Benard, Bipolar Disorder

Keep appointments with doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist.

Tips: Be understanding
Be patient
Ask how can you help
Tell your child that you love him/her often

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http://www.imedix.com/bipolar/videos#vY98YYQn09s Bipolar video


  1. Great information here for all parents to know.

  2. Thanks Melinda. Yes there are numerous bipolar children and adults.