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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How To Grocery Shop With Your Toddler

1. Timing.

Be sure to grocery shop at the a time when both you and your toddler are well rested. This will make all the difference when shopping.

2. Helping.

Allow your toddler to help you shop. Be sure your toddler sits in the cart and is not allowed to run all over the store. As you get your groceries, allow your toddler to put them in your basket. Give your toddler the light and unbreakable items.

Mother pushing toddler in shoping cart.

3. Snacks.

Be sure to take dry snacks that will not be messy for your toddler to snack on. Snacks such as dry cereal. Cheerios or crackers are good. Your toddler may want to snack while shopping.

Toddler eating a cracker.

4. Extra Purchases.

Make it a habit not to buy your toddler toys, gum, and candy while shopping. Your toddler will get used to this and expect it each time that you grocery shop.

5. Coupons and Store.

When possible shop at the same grocery store. Then you and your toddler will become familiar where items are located, which will facilitate faster and more efficient shopping. Be sure to bring coupons along with your grocery list. This allows your toddler to see and observe the importance of both. Take advantage of rebates, printable coupons online, and any other store promotional savings for your groceries. An associate at a grocery store stated that a regular customer saved $250 with coupons each visit.

Clipping Coupons

Below is a video of how Coupon Mom saves money and helps others when shopping.

She bought $161.00 in groceries with $11.00


Captions: Fotosearch.com

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