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Tips For Better Sleep For Toddlers

Sleep is vital for toddlers to help their bodies maintain. Lack of sleep can be harmful to your health causing irritability, hallucinations, lack of focus, stress, and hormonal problems as well. Below are tips to help your toddler get better sleep.


Although a light snack is okay, try not to feed your toddler a large meal before bedtime. Also, limit the liquid intake so as not to encourage bed -wetting. Bananas or a small bowl of low-sugar cereal is helpful to induce sleep. Pretzels are a low-calorie, source of carbohydrates, that will make you feel sleeping, and they taste good too. Also, popcorn about a half an hour before going to bed. The carbs will cause your toddler’s body to produce serotonin, a neurochemical that will relax him/her.

Popcorn Snack

2.Warm Milk.

Trying giving your toddler warm milk before bedtime. This can be soothing and relaxing. The milk has Tryptophan an amino acid that aides in relaxation resulting in natural sleep.

Girl Drinking Milk


Try to make bedtime about the same time every night, so that there is a regular routine. Try not to indulge your toddler in a lot of activity before bedtime. Remember toddlers are very active and they need time to wind down. Give your toddler a warm bath. Have your toddler lay in bed as you read to him/her a bedtime story. Make sure that they have not watched a scary movie on television, this could cause nightmares. According to The National Sleep Foundation “toddlers need 12-15 hours sleep per night whereas preschoolers 3-5 years need 11-13 hours each night.”

Father reading a bedtime story to toddler


Attempt to make the bedroom conducive for sleep by making sure the room is dark. Now there may be exceptions for some toddlers like to have the night light on. Make sure the television is not on, especially with cartoons which can be exciting rather than relaxing for your toddler.

5. Soft Music.

Depending on the type of music you prefer, soft music can be relaxing to a toddler sometimes.

6. Temperature.

Make sure the temperature in the room is adequate. Most toddlers cannot tolerate too much heat. Usually temperatures of 68-72 degrees are good.

Room thermostat


Be sure that your toddler gets enough exercise during the day. When weather permit’s the outdoors is perfect, because your toddler will get fresh air.

Toddler in the snow

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