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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How To Talk To Your Toddler About Molestation

Sex Offenders are not necessarily strangers.

Children need to be protected. As a parent, you should take all precautions to insure this. No family wants to think that incest or molestation could happen in their family, but it does happen.

1. Touch.

Let your toddler know that his/her private area is not to be touched by anyone. Explain that an adult should not be flashing, fondling, or asking your toddler to touch his/her genitals. Be aware of those that might try to gain your trust to get to your toddler. Tell your toddler the correct name of his (penis) and Her (vagina).

2. Incest.

Sadly enough there are those parents that are sick enough to touch their own children. Explain to your toddler that mommy, nor daddy, nor brother, sister, no one should be touching them in their private areas. Let your toddler know he/she can always come to you and you will protect them. Toddlers only want to be love and protected. That is what we as parents must do at all costs. Below is the site of the Dr. Phil Show. There was a Wesson Massacre. A family of 15. The father was the father of several of his children’s children. He is now in prison. The one daughter talks about how she thought this was normal life for every family because she had never seen any healthy families.


3. Sleepovers.

Be particular and selective about allowing your toddler to sleep over another person’s house. Remember usually a close relative or friend might be the very one that attempts to touch or molest your toddler, it does not necessarily have to be a stranger. Keep the communication open and talk to your toddler often. You will be surprised at how much your toddler will open up to you. Watch your toddlers body language with others to be sure that someone else is not attempting to intimidate your toddler or make your toddler fearful by just a look. If your toddler seems uncomfortable around another acknowledge that that could be a sign.

4. Say no.

Tell your toddler it is okay to say no if someone is attempting to touch him/her improperly.

5. Secrets.

Explain to your toddler that it is not okay for an adult or teen-ager to touch them and to be expected to keep it a secret. Tell them if that occurs to come to you immediately and let you know. When they come to you, let your toddler know that they did the right thing. Explain to your toddler if they had not told you, it would only have protected the other person. No adult or teenager should be showing your toddler pornography pictures or videos.

6. Protection.

If you toddler comes to you telling you about an incident such as a teen-ager or an adult attempting to put their hands under their dress or in their pants, believe your child and take actions to protect your child. Your toddler needs to know that you will protect him/her. Children ages 1 - year-old and even younger can get molested. No one thinks it will happen in their family, so be aware of stepfathers, stepmothers, brothers and sisters. If you happen to know of relatives in the family that have touched others or touched you, or if you suspect they have touched someone by all means do not allow your toddler to be alone with them. If others were touched or you were touched the probability of your toddler being touched are great. Why take the chance? Protect your child. Be aware as to whether there are sex offenders living in your neighborhood, or near your toddlers daycare or school. There could be a registered sex offender living right next door to you. Below is a site you can find out if one is living near you. You need to be educated about your surroundings.


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