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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Ideas For Toddlers

As Christmas approaches, parents, you may be purchasing toys for your toddlers. Possibly you have already started purchasing toys. May be you feel your toddlers have too many toys already. I have thought about it and I have listed a few alternative Christmas gifts for Toddlers.

1. Scrap booking. Purchase a scrap booking kit that you and your toddlers can scrapbook regarding something that your toddler likes. The video listed below shows a Mother and young child doing scrap booking.

2. A video. Give your toddler a video of funny or memorable moments.

3. Classes. You may want to invest in enrolling your toddler in gymnastic, art, or drama classes.

4. Clothing. Because your toddler is constantly growing, he/she will always need clothing.

5. College Savings. If you have not already done this, what a great time to open a college savings for your toddler.

6. DVD or CD. You may want to get a DVD or CD of Christmas songs.

7. Fruit basket. Give your toddler a fruit basket or make a fruit basket with your toddler’s favorite fruits.

8. Games. Consider games that may required interaction for your toddler and the entire family.

9. Gift basket. Visit the dollar store. Make a basket of lotions, chap sticks, and/or crafts such as crayons, coloring books, etc.

10. Give your toddler a puppy. You may want to shop around and decide the best puppy for your child. Yorkshire Terriors, Labradors, toy poodles, and beagles are among some of the best puppies recommended for children.

11. Movie Theatre or Children’s Play. You will be surprised at the number of people that go to the movie theatres around Christmas time.

12. Shopping. You may want to take your toddler shopping for after Christmas sales.

Tips: You may want to shop at a consignment shop to find great inexpensive deals. You may want to purchase items or resale all of the many toys your toddler has already accumulated. Some of the consignment shops do a 50/50 split or 60/40 to sell your items for you. So you can make a little “something something” on your sale of the toys. To find a consignment shop in your state visit the link below.


Have a Merry Christmas
and remember the reason for the season.

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