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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to Know How To Teach Your Toddler To Memorize Bible Verses

Mother Holding Toddler Pointing to Her Ear

To teach your toddler Bible verses is very simple. It involves REVIEW* REVIEW*REVIEW
and REPETITION*REPETITION*REPETITION. Children’s minds are like tape recorders. They can remember and recall what is said. I have seen in church a toddler memorize and say all of the books of the Bible. That particular toddler was two-years-old.

1. Decide the Bible verse that you want your toddler to learn. Your toddler is readily wanting to learn as much as you can teach him/her. Start with a small scripture. You will just repeat the verse to your toddler several times during the day, during the course of conversation. Possibly while you are doing the dishes, cleaning the house, or getting ready for bed. There is no particular time, just what will be good for you and your toddler.

2. For example, the Bible verse James 1:19. “You must all be quick, to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger.” Just start saying it in front of your toddler while you are cleaning. Amazingly toddlers like to repeat what you say. They may not repeat it at that time, but eventually you will hear them saying it.

3. This particular Bible verse is a verse that you might want to use hand movement with. For example, when you say “quick to hear” put your hands to your ears. This gives your toddler a visual view. Every toddler learns differently. Some learn visually, some by hearing, and some need to touch objects. You will discover or probably already know the best way that your toddler learns. When you say “slow to speak” put your hands over your mouth.” If your toddler loves to touch objects, take his/her hand and place it over the mouth. Your toddler can feel the vibration and the vowel sounds as well. Vowels and phonics are very important for a toddler learning to speak. Next, take the phrase “slow to anger”. You might give him a mad look to show the expression of anger. Or as some parents have said they only need to give their child that look and the child knows.

4. Now remember it takes 45 days to form a habit. Your child may learn and probably will learn before 45 days, because toddlers are so smart now. They just learn very quickly. Repeat this often throughout the day as you go through your day. Your toddler will retain it. It is not important that you ask your toddler to repeat it, because eventually he/she will, when you least expect it. Eventually, add other Bible verses as he learns one. I only used the above Bible verse as an example. You may have a bible verse already in mind that you like and prefer.


Say the Bible verse casually throughout the day.

Repeat it several times out loud so your toddler will hear it.

Do not sit down like you are teaching a lesson. Even though you really are teaching, make it as casual and informal as possible

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