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Saturday, November 12, 2022

Do You Know the Benefits of Houseplants?

I recently discovered there are numerous benefits to having houseplants. I had previously thought they were just something nice to look at, but there is much more to the houseplants. Do you have houseplants in your house?


Good News:

1. Plants are Important

They are important because it has been found that everyday houseplants can absorb toxins from the air, especially in small spaces with limited airflow. This is according to theimportantsite.com. They further add that people living in urban environments or other places with pollution, houseplants can keep the air cleaner and healthier.

2. Bottle Water

I drink bottled water. I have used bottled water since 2014 when lead poisoning was discovered in our Flint water. I love Ice Mountain Spring Water. One day I decided to give my plants some of the bottled water that I drink. Surprisingly the next day I could immediately see the difference. The leaves were stronger and new leaves were developing quickly. The vines were thicker and new vines developed quicker. So since then I have given my houseplants bottled Ice Mountain Spring water. The picture above shows the plants. The philodendron was given to me free at an event I attended. When I first received it, it was small in a small container. It is just amazing how this plant has grown over the years.

3. Over watering

According to elledecor.com you need to be careful to not overwater philodendrons and to only give it a drink when the soil is completely dry; It likes bright or medium and indirect light. They further add that Pilea Peperomioides, jade, hoya carnosa variegata, lipstick plant, ficus alii, zzplant, and air plants are some of the best indoor plants.

4. Plants and Gnats

Are you bothered by pesky gnats in your indoor plants? Sometimes this may come from over watering the plants. The gnats may start to venture out throughout your house and you do not want that. According to bybrittanygoldwyn.com to get rid of them let the top few inches of soil dry out, aerate the soil, bottom water your plants, isolate infested plants, establish an appropriate watering routine, and use sticky fly traps.

5. Benefits of Houseplants

Did you know that according to swansonsnursery.com houseplants can improve your mood, reduce fatigue, lower stress and anxiety, improve office performance and focus, boost healing and pain tolerance, minimize the occurrence of headaches by improving air quality, and ease dry skin and respiratory ailments due to dry air. I just learned a few things. I was not aware of the dry skin ease. This lets me know that indoor plants are not only beautiful to look at, but they have major benefits. They further add that plants also increase oxygen levels in the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen during phytosynthesis.

6. Your IQ

Did you know that indoor plants can improve your I.Q. (intelligence quotient)? According to activebeat.com natural foliage can help regenerate our directed attention capacity; a study cited by the article showed subjects in a room with plants fared better at cognitive tests. They further added that a study posted on the United States National Library of Medicine website, explained that half of a group of 90 patients recovering from a hermorrhoidectomy procedure were placed in rooms with plants and those patients had lower post-operative blood pressure, less pain, and decreased anxiety than those not in the company of plants. That to me would explain why plants are given as gifts to patients in the hospital. I often wondered why plants were given not really knowing a reason behind it.

7. Health Benefits of Cactus

We also have indoor Cactus. My husband has purchased a lot of them. I asked him why he particularly picked Cactus. He explained he remembered his grandmother having lots of them. Did you know that according to webmd.com Cactus can manage cholesterol, ease hangovers, control blood sugars, and boost the immune system.

To my surprise Cactus can be eaten as well. I also received another surprised when I was at a new restaurant yesterday. Cactus drink was on the menu. I started to try it, but thought maybe next time. I need to check out all of the ingredients before doing so anyway.

8. Reduce Indoor or Outdoor Background Noise

Have you ever had troubled relaxing in your home? According to cactusway.com Cacti can help reduce the amount of background noise you hear in your home whenever you’re trying to relax, because the surface area bounces noise off of it and away from you. This is so good to know.

9. Eye Health

Indoor plants play an important part to your eye health. According to kinglasik.com ninety per cent of an average human life is spent indoors, and that means your eyes are constantly exposed to toxins which can result in chronic dry eyes, redness, itching, allergies, and infections. They further add that an effective and aesthetic way to cleanse the air in your home or office is by decorating with a variety of toxin-absorbing indoor plants such as English Ivy, Spider Plant, Lady Palm, Peace Lily or Boston Fern. Plant have so many benefits that you probably have never even thought about.

10. Stress

Life can be stressful. Many are so busy on a daily basis. Did you know that if you are receiving cancer treatment and not getting out as much as you used to it is important to think about your physical environment. This is according to piedmont.org., They further add that a 2015 study found that caring for indoor plants reduced psychological and physiological stress in study participants; interacting with plants helped suppress sympathetic nervous system activity and diastolic blood pressure. That makes sense. Also sometimes just caring for others or something other than yourself can take your mind off of your own worries. Thank God for plants. Do you have indoor plants? After reading this article do you think you will get an indoor plant?


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PaulaShort said...

Betty, this is a fantastic article. Wow! I had no idea there are so many benefits of having indoor house plants. This is really interesting.
Thank you bunches for sharing this with Sweet Tea & Friends this month my friend.

Clearissa said...

I love houseplants. I have a few but none in my bedroom. I think that with all of the health benefits, I need to add a couple to the bedroom as well. Especially the ones that avoid cholesterol and dry eyes. Thanks for sharing at #omhgww. Pinned and tweeted if buttons are available. See you next week.

anointedtoday said...

Thanks for stopping by Clearissa. I was really amazed at all the benefits too.

anointedtoday said...

Thanks for stopping by Paula. I am glad also that I found out about the benefits of house plants. They are numerous.

April J Harris said...

I knew houseplants were beneficial, but I didn't know all that you shared! I found your post so interesting, Betty. I'll be featuring it at the January edition of Hearth and Soul which goes live on Sunday 1st January. Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

anointedtoday said...

Thank You April. I learned a lot doing this research regarding houseplants also. Thank you ever so much. Have a blessed New Year.