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Monday, January 9, 2017

5 Tips to Stay Warm in the Winter

How often do you hear of those that died of hypothermia because they did not keep warm during the bitter cold? Have you experienced frost bite because you stayed in the cold too long? Possibly you just did not dress warm enough for the weather. There are ways to stay warm during the Winter.

Stay Warm in Cold Weather
You may want to be vigilant about staying warm during the winter. Global warming (climate changes in weather) has become very common all over the world. While it was 57 degrees here one day, then the next day it was 32. It is important to prepare as much as possible for the weather.


1. Long Johns or Leg Warmers

As a child growing up. I did not understand why my parents insisted that I wear long johns. I now understand as an adult, but for those that do not want to wear long johns they now have leg warmers which can be worn under your pants. The nice thing about this is they have colorful leg warmers, warmers with patterns. They are very fashionable.

2. Undershirts or T-Shirts

I recall as a young child wearing undershirts and hating them the entire time, especially as I grew older. I was told I needed to wear them to protect my chest from the cold. I have now discovered that I can wear a sleeveless t-shirt under my clothing during the cold months and that works just as well. Also, t-shirts can be purchased in a variety of colors.

3. Hand and Toe Warmers

These are so nice. I use to work in a cold environment where the air conditioners were on 12 months of the year. Until you have experienced that, you cannot imagine working in the cold, then going out into cold icy weather outdoors. I discovered Toe and Hand warmers. I believe hunters use these also. I especially like the feet warmers which come in a pack and look like shoe soles that you insert into your shoe or your boots. They are inexpensive and can range from $1.49 to $3.99 depending where you purchase them. They do keep your entire foot or hand warm. The great thing about them is that the heat will last for 6-8 hours or more.

4. Long Boots as Oppose to Short Boots

I love short boots during the cold weather, but I love the Long boots better because the long boots protect my legs from the cold and the wind. Long boots are perfect when you are walking through lots of snow. Also when you find boots that have fur linings that is a plus.

5. Sweater or sweatshirt/ long sleeves

According to Allison Ford of divinecaroline.com, we feel sleepier in the winter because there’s less daylight.   She also adds wintertime gives us prime sleeping conditions in that it gets dark outside and your house is cool, thus more melatonin is produced from the pineal gland as daylight fades away.    I know in the winter, I almost want to hibernate like a bear. I want to stay in my nice warm house. I really love the knew fashionable and color sweatshirts. I have seen shirts now made of plaid print and they are quite warm and comfortable as well.

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