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Monday, May 5, 2014

The Importance of Mother

Mother’s are so vital in their children’s lives. I know that a mother can set the tone for the day for her child. A mother can bless her children and bid them to have a good day, kissing and hugging them, or giving them a great big smile before they leave for school. A mother can curse her children by calling them all kinds of bad names, and demeaning them before leaving for school. That type of bad behavior carries a heavy weight on a child.

Mothering Love

                                                           My Mother

 Paula Holmes-Greeley at Michigan Live.com talks about the realization that mothers are doing the best they can and they are succeeding. Sometimes children may not realize the sacrifices that their mother may make for them. Some single parent mothers work 2 or 3 jobs to take care of their children. There is just no end to the lengths that mothers will go to protect and provide for their children.

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I recall when my children were younger; they told me they thought that we were rich. I asked them, “What made you think that?” They responded, “We get just about everything we want, we have not had to lack for anything.” I am glad they felt that way, but I had to sit them down and explain the sacrifices made in order for them to have some of the things that they had. For example, I was a big promoter of layaways. I would put their things in and pay on them until I could get them out of layaway. Not all of their clothing including my own was name brand; some was from the Goodwill Store. I really do not recall buying any brand name clothing. In fact, I have a girlfriend that could buy from the Goodwill and dress up and look like a million dollars. You would have never known her attire was from the Goodwill, unless she told you. I always have commended her for that too.

As I watch the picture the television picture “Missing,” I can see the lengths that this mother will go to find her son during his kidnapping. Although she was previously a (CIA)
A Central Intelligence Agent, and everyone wants to brand her a Central Intelligence Agent, she continually states, “I am not CIA, I am a mother searching for my son.” I believe the Central Intelligence Agency and the police eventually see that she is never going to give up, until she finds her son.

As I recall the story of the two women in 1st King 3:1-28 verse, two women came before the king. Both women stated that the baby was their own. The king ordered the baby split in half. The one woman said okay. The other woman said, “No, give the baby to the other woman.” The king gave the baby to the mother that was willing to give her son up rather than having him split in half. This mother would rather let her child go than to have her child harmed in any way. That is how strong a mother’s love can be.

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I recall someone mentioning that a baby knows the scent of his mother. Even though the babies cannot talk, babies have that intelligence to know their mother’s smell. I also recall when I was nursing, one of my babies she was 5 months old. My husband and I had always given her at least one bottle, especially if I was away several hours at the store. That way my husband could feed her. This one particular day I came home from the store my husband told me she was refusing the bottle. I said, “Oh she will take it for me.” To my surprise, she refused it again. Therefore, when I proceeded to nurse her she was okay with that. She knew the difference and only wanted to nurse. That bond is unexplainable Also, when you nurse your child it is most rewarding to child and mother.

A mother knows the cry of her baby. There is just a certain instinct that a mother has. What things do you recall about your mother that was important to you?

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