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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mother's Day. . . My Mother

Mothers Day is a day that many choose to honor their mother with presents, dinner, telephone calls, and much more. For those whose mother's have past away, the memory possibly lingers on and on. I remember a few things about my mother that I will share with you today.

Mothering Love

My Mother

First I will ask you, do you know when Mother's Day was first celebrated in the United States? According to Wikipdia.org it started around the 20th century. It is a celebration honoring mother and motherhood. Sometimes children may not realize how much a mother sacrifices until they have children of their own. Also, Mothers Day is celebrated on different days in some countries. For example even though the United States celebrates Mother's Day May 11, Sunday, In Afghanistan it is celebrated on June 12, and in Argentina it is celebrated the third Sunday in October.

Well this is enough about some of the history of Mother's Day. What do I remember about my mother who has past away?


I do not recall my mother, grandmother, nor my father going to church. I do recall my neighbors going every Sunday which peeked my curiosity so that I wanted to go. I started going to church with them and I loved it. I did not realize it was a Methodist Church at the time. I just knew and looked forward to going to church every Sunday.

Foster Home

My mother and father never married, but I remember being in a Foster Home at age 2. My father told me he was going to court to get custody of me, because the courts had taken me from my mother. I do not recall how long I was in there, but I do know at about age 3 my father came to get me and take me home to him and my grandmother. I remember not liking the Foster Home. I remember a little boy kept hitting me in the head. One day my mother came to visit me at the Foster Home and she witnessed him hitting me. My mother started fussing at my Foster Mother and telling her this should not be happening. Needless to say, that was a day that I was so glad to see my mother. She never held her peace. She was a very out spoken woman and would get loud. After that day, the little boy never hit me in the head again. So I knew my mother would always stand up for me. I was so happy.


I remember my father would take me to visit my mother even though I lived with him and my grandmother. I told him I had him I did not need to go see my mother. He told me that was non-negotiable I was going to see her anyway. Well one day he took me over there and left me for the day. She told him to leave. I had already told him not to leave me over there.  I wanted him to stay, but he left anyway. I was so mad at him. Anyway, she fixed me some oatmeal. I wanted to tell her, “This is not the way that my daddy fixes it.” The oatmeal was really stiff. I like loosed oatmeal. So I did not want to hurt her feelings.   I ate as much as I could.


Finally, I mentioned earlier my mother was outspoken. She was so outspoken she would fuss at my father about leaving her when she was pregnant with my twin sister and brother. My father would start stuttering and telling her, the conversation should not be in front of the child (me.) She did not care and would continue.


I recall my mother passing away at age 45. She looked very distressed while in the hospital, but as I viewed her in the casket she had a smile on her face and a look of youthfulness. I remember viewing my birth certificate and discovered my father was 25 years older than my mother. Although my father never looked his age, I believe my mother never knew that he was that old.


Although I do not have a lot of memories of my mother, I am glad that she gave birth to me and thankful for that also. Although she was not perfect, I know she did the best that she knew how to do at the time.

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