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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stranger Danger

Are you teaching your children how to beware of strangers? Are your children aware of some of the deceitful behaviors and techniques that strangers use to lure them?

Stranger Danger Statistics

Secret Password

Parents besides making sure that your children know their full name, address, telephone number, your full name, how to dial 911,where you work, and work number, your child should know a secret password known only by you and your child. Emphasize they should never go with anyone who does not give your secret password. Also, if they do not have your consent, they still should not go with someone that they know, because abduction can occur with someone that knows your child well.


Let your children know that this is the time to get loud and scream “HELP” OR “FIRE,” if they are in trouble.

I recall the picture “Silence of the Lamb.” The man asked the lady to help him fit a couch into the van and she ended up being kidnapped by him. Children need to know if they are asked to help find a lost dog, that this could be a technique being used to kidnapped them. I also, remember watching a program where the woman said her child was outside playing and she briefly went into the house to get something she forgot. When she came back out, her child was gone, because she had been kidnapped just within a matter of seconds.


Emphasize to your children to be aware of their surrounding. Sometimes when they are playing, they are so absorbed in their play that they are not aware that someone might be nearby watching their every move.

Role Play

According to NBC Dateline, they suggest role playing with your children “what if” scenarios to help them be aware of stranger dangers. In fact, your children may have a few “what if” questions of their own. They further add, even though they know their name, address, and phone, that is for their own personal use and not to be given out to strangers. Also, emphasize to never let a stranger take a picture of them. That is definitely, not acceptable, because the stranger may use the picture for future reference when kidnapping. I definitely like the “what if” scenarios, because there may be so many different variables that they could encounter.

NBC Dateline “My Kid Would Never Do That: Stranger Danger'


According to Mlive.com news, talks about the claims of closing Lake Spa,1490 Torrey Road, Fenton, Michigan, because of claims of possible prostitution and being part of a human trafficking operation of young girls for the purpose of prostition. Now if this is possible in Fenton, Michigan, then Flint, Grand Blanc, and other neighboring cities could also be at risk.

As I watched the movie “Taken,” I thought about how carefree and happy these 2 teen-age girls were in the beginning as they visited another country. I observed many of the mistakes they made by being to trusting of strangers when they arrived in the country. Just remember it is up to parents to teach children about the dangers that could be lurking nearby.

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Mott Children's Health Center Information Station- Flyer

NBC Dateline “My Kid Would Never Do That: Stranger Danger'

Non-family Abducted Children: National Estimates and Characteristics

Human trafficking a “real problem” that” s happening in our community says panel in Fenton

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