Monday, April 23, 2012

Careful Around kids

Cherelle Wright

Careful Around kids

Do you remember when you were young and how you used to absorb the world around you like a sponge? I do. I remember seeing and hearing things and trying to replicate them all the time. I was “learning.”

Whenever I do decide to have kids one day, I told myself that I would try to remember this same concept. Be careful what you do around your children. Remember good and bad, they will see it and in many cases, remember it.

I have seen many cases of this. When I was little, our parents used to play music and both my cousins and I used to sing and dance along. Now, music was bad back then too, but not as bad as today (or openly bad). Can you believe, one of the songs that I sung back when I was little, I still can sing today with no problem, and I have not heard it in years!

This same concept occurs with the negative as well. If you yell at your kids when they do not even realize what is going on, they can remember that too. It could become a learned behavior so make sure you do it in moderation.

I remember a story that my godmother would always tell me. When I was little, I would always go with her to church to either services, choir practice, or any events going on. Well, she told me that one day, in front of the church, I was playing around on a chair for some reason. Well long story short, I was about to fall, and right in front of the church I yelled, “OH S---!” I bet that was embarrassing for her!

See! That is why you want to watch what you say around your kids. There is no telling what they will learn!


Cherelle Wright is a current psychology student at the University of South Carolina. She enjoys writing on a variety of topics about fashion and lifestyle as well as fiction short stories. Cherelle also writes at Yahoo Contributors. She has written many articles there.

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