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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Benefits Of Children Playing Cards

Uno Card Game

Uno cards are a simple game of cards that help children learn to count and identify color. It helps children learn just like flash cards do. It also helps with eye and hand coordination. Sometimes we never realize how important color and coordination is. Just like adults like to play cards, so do children. They get to use their decision-making skills by determining how many cards to give to each player and deciding when they will play a particular card.

After the cards have been dealt depending on what card is played, the next player will need to decide whether to play a red, yellow, green, or blue card. The player might need to choose whether to play a particular number as oppose to a particular color. The numbers range from 1-9. Sometimes a player might receive a card that tells them +4. This means they will need to pull 4 cards from the deck. Addition is used throughout the entire game.

Children’s decision-making skills are used when they receive a colorful card with all 4 colors on it. They are then given the chance to name what the new color will be for the next player to play.

There will be times when they pull a card that will mean skip the next play or that the order of the card playing will be reversed to the right or left. Their hope throughout this game is to end up with no cards in their hands and to be able to holler “Uno.” When a player is down to 2 cards that player needs to remember to call Uno. So their memory is playing a great part in this game too. Someone might think, oh it is just a kid’s card game, but this card game helps them learn certain math skills and other eye hand coordination that are important for their development. Adults can play this game as well.

Uno Attach Game

Uno has become sophisticated with the new Uno Attack Game. With this game the player will receive several cards from the dispenser unit when another player receives the attack card.

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